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What are the symptoms of cattle constipation? How to treat?


The obvious symptom of cattle constipation is the difficulty of suffering from steak stool, which usually occurs in adult cattle, especially older cattle. Cow constipation mostly occurs in autumn. When a cow is constipated, it will cause the cow to block the intestines, have poor gas, and abdominal pain. Therefore, according to the actual condition of the sick cow, the corresponding treatment measures should be selected and controlled until the condition improves and the defecation is completely normal.

What are the symptoms of constipation in cattle?

Constipation is a delay in defecation caused by the reduction of intestinal smooth muscle peristalsis, and it often occurs in the colon. It is more common in adult cattle and aging cattle.
The main clinical manifestations are abdominal pain, cessation of defecation, and dehydration. Sick cows do not eat or drink, ruminating is reduced or abolished, some arched back, stubbornly stubbornly, often show defecation posture, or crouch, or hind limbs kicking abdomen, some like lying unwilling to stand, later defecation stops, or only discharge Some peptone-like clumps and symptoms of dehydration. The prevention of this disease is mainly to provide adequate drinking water and reduce rough and dry feed.

How to treat cow constipation?

1. After the calf is sick, use warm soapy water enema to flush the rectum immediately.
During enema, the enema should be inserted as far as possible into the rectum, and the anus should be blocked with fingers when injecting liquid to prevent the infused liquid from flowing out and softening the stool.
When the amount of filling is appropriate, the finger can be removed, and the liquid will flow out at this time, which is often mixed with a large amount of hardened feces like abacus beads. Take multiple flushes until the rectum is completely unobstructed.
If the feces have not been discharged after 1~2h, 300ml liquid paraffin or vegetable oil can be poured into the rectum.
2. During the treatment, heat compress and massage on the abdomen can be used to relieve abdominal pain. When the abdominal pain is severe, 5~6ml 30% Analgin injection can be injected intramuscularly.
3. If meconium stays in the intestines for a long time and becomes inflamed, it can be treated with anti-inflammatory drugs and VC.
3. After the calf is sick, it can be given 40ml glycerin or 70~100ml paraffin oil, once every 5~7h, the treatment effect is better.
4. Adult cattle can be injected intravenously with 3000~4000ml 5% sugar saline, normal saline, compound sodium chloride solution or balance solution 1~2 times/d after sickness.
5. If the diseased cows secondary to rumen bloating, puncture the rumen before enema. Generally, the coat on the left flank area is cut off, and then 2% tincture of iodine is applied for disinfection, and then a small puncture needle is inserted there to ensure that the skin and stomach wall are pierced, and the gas in the rumen is released, thereby promoting the abdomen The pressure decreases, and the pressure on the heart and lungs in the chest cavity decreases.
6. In order to ensure the cleansing of gastrointestinal contents, inhibit rumen fermentation and regulate gastrointestinal function, a solution consisting of 20g ichthyol oil, 500ml paraffin oil and appropriate amount of water can be infused through the stomach tube.
7. In addition, sick cattle can be injected intravenously with a mixed solution consisting of 300ml 0.9% saline, 500ml 5% glucose, 200ml 5% sodium bicarbonate, and 10ml 10% sodium bicarbonate, which is used for rehydration to strengthen the heart, relieve dehydration, Correct acidosis.

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