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Meat sheep & Breeding sheep Selection skills


1. Look at the ancestors of breeding sheep. The quality of ancestors can be directly passed on to offspring. Therefore, the production performance (weight, meat yield, fertility, lactation, etc.) and appearance of the previous generations of sheep must be carefully examined when selecting breeds. Only good ancestors can have good offspring.
2. Look at the breeding sheep itself. Breed characteristics, body appearance, growth and development, production performance, etc. of breeding sheep will directly affect the next generation. Therefore, when we choose breeding sheep, we must select the best based on these characteristics, and select 1 breeding sheep. Generally, it takes many times. Identification (new birth, weaning, 6-month-old, 8-year-old, one-year-old and production, etc.) can be finalized.
3. Look at the offspring of breeding sheep. The quality of breeding sheep is ultimately determined by its offspring. Good offspring proves that the breeding sheep has strong heritability. Therefore, the quality of breeding sheep can be determined according to the characteristics of the offspring. As long as the offspring are not ideal, they cannot be reserved for breeding, especially rams.
The above is the general selection method that the editor teaches everyone. Let’s talk about how to select lambs, ewes and rams:
①How to choose lamb. When choosing a lamb, you should choose the offspring with good production performance from the parent, which has good growth and development, beautiful appearance, long body, square hindquarters, and straight limbs and head.
② Breeding ewes should be large, compact, full of muscles, elastic skin, deep chest, straight back and waist, slightly larger back abdomen, straight limbs, wide spacing, fast growth and development, high meat yield, and more lambs. , The breasts are soft and spherical, the lactation performance is good, the mind is sensitive, the action is lively, the walking is brisk, the head is high, and the coat color is shiny.
③How to choose rams. Rams should be physically strong, energetic, agile and lively, and have a strong appetite. The head is slightly thick and heavy, the eyes are large and prominent, the neck is wide and long, the muscles are well developed, the release nail is higher than the sacrum, the back is straight, the ribs are arched, the back and waist are flat and wide, the people are flat and wide and long, the limbs are straight, and the coat is relatively thick. Thick and long, with male fierce power. The size of Zhongyanggong Gaowan is moderate, and the opening of the foreskin is far from the base of the scrotum. Any single pan, Yin Gu, and any genital abnormalities cannot be used as seeds. Breeding rams have a loud voice and a strong irritability is a manifestation of strong sexual desire.

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