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Site layout and design of dairy farm (500 cattle)


Site layout and design of dairy farm (500 cattle)
First, the site selection and requirements:
1. Construction of cattle farm needs 4.67ha of land;
2. Need to feed 66.67ha of land for planting;
3. Feed planting land from the cattle farm is not more than 20 km is appropriate;
4.The ranch site should be selected in the convenient transportation, and the main traffic line to maintain a certain distance, high and dry land area, adequate, good water quality, abundant water from the livestock product processing factory and local residents;
5.The terrain is higher than the highest flood line in the local history. The slope is not more than 15 degrees. Easily flooded sections should be avoided. The groundwater level is below 2.5 to 3 meters.
6.The soil should be ventilated, permeable and with good compression resistance.
7.The water supply is sufficient and the water quality is good.
8.It can make full use of the original road to transport feed, products and waste.However, the following distances need to be maintained for hygienic safety.
9.Close to the transmission line.
10.Terrain below the settlements, and located in the downwind.
11.Avoid chemical, slaughter, paper, leather and other easy to pollute the water, air and noise of large factories.
12.Site space should be based on the scale of operation, feed supply, feeding and management characteristics of intensive and other factors to determine.
13.Saving land, not occupying or taking up land.

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