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Site layout and design of dairy farm (二)


 Farms are usually divided into three areas by function: management area, production area and isolation area.According to the main wind direction and the slope of the arrangement of the district, can reduce or prevent adverse odor produced by farms,Noise and pollution of manure and urine due to wind direction and surface runoff on the living environment of the residents and the management area, and reducing the chances of the spread of the epidemic.
1. Management area:Including administrative and technical offices, dormitories, canteens and so on, should be in the upper reaches of the wind and high terrain, and strictly separate from the production area.
2. Production area: Divided into animal breeding area and auxiliary production area is the core area:Mainly include the physiological stages and production purposes pens, artificial insemination room, veterinary room.Feed processing workshop and library, loading and unloading animal platform, weighing device, miscellaneous goods library, power distribution room, water tower and other facilities.The entrance to the outdoor personnel disinfection room, the dressing room vehicle disinfection pool. The road net and dirt road in the production area should be strictly separated.Keep a proper distance between the neat layout, in order to epidemic prevention and fire prevention.
3. Isolation zone: Including the separation of sick animals, dead pits or crematoria, excrement sewage treatment facilities.

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