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The brood - water management


broilers chicken drinking With the balance output. Young chicks to drink more water than the discharge, Because the requirements of their growth.water take a great proportion on brood chiken. Anout 70%.Any impact on chicks drinking will affect the intake.

Within one hours. After enter into the the brood cage,Chicks will consume per hour 1 ml/chicken.

Chicks drinking water must be clean for the first time.In an empty house to have a water line cleaning procedures, then flush the line before into the chicken.

Drinking water equipment installation and management and the supply of clean water are equally important. Here are some important installation instructions:

Each number of chickens nipples:

High-speed flow system should be 12 largest chicken/nipple (90 ml/min)

Low speed flow systems should be maximum 10 chickens/nipple (50 ml/min)

To maintain the correct line height, let the chicken is easy to drink and to reduce waste


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