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Broiler ventilation importance


First, the characteristics of broiler and broiler production

1, broiler production has a high performance, the performance of rapid growth, high feed conversion, quick turnaround. Broilers in just 56 days, the average weight can be from about 40 grams to 3000 grams or more long, between eight weeks increased by 70 times, but this time the feed conversion rate was only 2.1: 1 or so.
2, more sensitive to changes in the environment of broilers, the ability to adapt to the environment is weak, requiring a suitable environment relatively stable. Optimum temperature required for meat chicken egg chicks than high 1-2 ℃, meat chicks time to reach normal body temperature than chicken eggs about one week later. After slightly broiler nor heat, high temperatures in the summer season, susceptible to heat stroke and death. The rapid growth of broiler higher oxygen requirement. Inadequate ventilation early as feeding, it may increase the incidence of ascites.
3, poor disease resistance
No matter how large the chickens, the disease remains the biggest risk chicken. From the anatomy and physiology of chicken chicken is easy to see the reason of poor disease resistance:
(A) chicken little lungs, and connect with air snapped, snapped these gas filled in all parts of the body, even into the bone cavity. So, airborne pathogens can enter the lungs and air snapped along the respiratory tract, which also entered the body cavity, muscles, bones being;
(2) genital pore and drain holes are opening in cloaca chicken, eggs vulnerable to contamination during production, so some Chicken vertical transmission through eggs to chicks;
(3) chicken without the diaphragm, abdominal infections very easily spread to various organs of the chest, chest infections are easily spread to the abdominal cavity;
(4) chicken without lymph node is equal to the lack of pathogen levels in the body to prevent passage. Therefore, under the same conditions, chickens than geese, ducks poor resistance to disease, more intensive rearing facility spread fast, severe disease, with high mortality problem, even die also seriously affect egg production, can easily result to the production direct economic losses.
Air through the nose, throat and lungs directly balloon. Lung spongy, bright red, live close to the side of the chest, lungs filled with blood vessels under three thin bronchial mucosa, so the lungs are the main location of gas exchange. Balloon is unique birds organ, its main role as bellows, the air intake introduced to make the exchange in the lungs. Balloon with interconnected bones and other organs, in order to reduce its own weight, this anatomical structure is the result of adaptive evolution birds flying ancestors. And it is precisely this characteristic makes the avian respiratory tract into the body, it will happen soon systemic infection by pathogens in the outside world.

Second, the importance of ventilation in broiler production

While maintaining the optimum temperature of the house, good ventilation is extremely important. Broiler life activity is inseparable from oxygen, enough oxygen can promote the metabolism of the chicken, the chicken body maintain healthy, improve feed conversion rate. Good ventilation can be discharged Chicken discounted water vapor, ammonia, dust and excess heat, provide plenty of fresh air for the flock. Poor ventilation, will produce serious damage large ammonia concentration.
Production, many breeders brood emphasis is often placed at the beginning of the neglect of air temperature, can cause severe increase in the late broiler ascites.
Two, three, four weeks of age when ventilation is bad, there is likely to increase in chronic respiratory disease in chickens and E. coli disease incidence. In the late broiler growing requirement for oxygen, while increasing waste, we must increase the amount of ventilation on the basis of maintaining the appropriate temperature, when ventilation is the primary means of maintaining discounted normal environment.

Broiler production in the latter part of the management should focus on ventilation. Due to the late great broiler weight, feed volume, excretion is also large, they exhaled carbon dioxide, body heat shed, excrete ammonia and indoor air moisture, discounted cumulative floating manure generated dust, etc., if not promptly discharged outside homes, discounted living environment will become increasingly harsh, not only seriously affect the growth rate of broilers, broiler mortality will increase. Late feeding chickens, weight increase of almost two a day 1.4, while the death of a necessary loss of about 20 yuan, the latter managed to improve the economic importance is self-evident.

Third, ventilation broiler farmers Mistakes

Farmers under the heat of the premise, there is such a misunderstanding, that is afraid to ventilation. Particularly afraid of chicken cold cold while ignoring ventilation during three weeks of age, resulting in a chicken coop harmful gases seriously overweight. A lot of ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, and other harmful gases stimulating mucosal epithelial cells in the respiratory tract of chickens. Mucosal cell damage, respiratory epithelial cells to block viruses and bacteria invade the body's first portal, or mucosal immunity places the body, disease prevention system on the whole has played a crucial role. If because of inadequate ventilation broiler production is damage, which is the door to the body's defense system, the respiratory system is opened, bacteria and viruses can take advantage of a large number of breeding replication, infection through blood circulation to various organs, so that the flock has occurred infectious diseases. Since there is damage to the respiratory epithelial cells, our vaccines in generating antibody titers encountered immunosuppression, antibody titers did not protect the good, the body also reduces the ability to protect against viral disease.

Fourth, broiler production methods to master ventilation

More mature approach is advanced negative pressure ventilation, but have the appropriate facilities. If you do not have, ventilation broiler production will have to note the following:
To form the flow of gas, toxic gases are generally lighter than air, are concentrated above the coop, so we have to take convection ventilation method according to this characteristic. That is open on both sides of the window into the fresh air of harmful gases discharged from the vent above the homes, and to avoid drafts, direct wind blowing when the chicken thief abdomen, to increase ventilation Sherwin at the same time, do not mean that point coal money, only improving the environment we can make coop chickens less disease, and after the onset of Ye cure.
Sentence, in order to raise chickens in winter to make money and that is a good disease prevention program + ventilation = good benefits.

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