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The best filling calcium time of laying hens


 It is the best for layer chicken to supply calcium between 12 to 20 o'clock.If the hen eat calcium freely so that they can enioy the volume of calcium which they need.When eggshell is formed,hey need 92% of normal calcium amount,otherwise only 68%.The hen whose weight and appetite is less suit for supplying more calcium.
      For the chicken the animal source of calcium is better than the plant source of calcium to the benefit of absorption.The shell of high-temperature sterilization is the best source of calcium.Two thirds of Source of calcium in the diet is made up of shell and other comes from limestone.Eggshell strength is best.Hatching rate of B - 4 hybrid chickens was 3.5% after 61 weeks.If adding granular shell powder whose amount was 2% of the total amount of feedin the afternoon , egg broken rate decreased significantly.And the shell is smooth.Egg broken rate of was only 1.59% after 72 weeks .It is effective.
     It is necessary for layer chicken which needs more calcium to adjust the proportion of nutrients in feed to ensure the appropriate content of calcium by adding fish powder, bone powder,shell powder, eggshell powder or powder, etc.When layer chicken is alive about 18 weeks, the amount of shell powder should be increased to 2% while 5.5% after 20 weeks into the period of egg production,and the content of the bone powder in the feed shell powder is 1.5%;After 38 weeks, the content of shell powder can be increased to 6.5% and the calcium content in the diet is 3.5%,when the laying rate of laying hens raised off the ground reach to 80%.Rate is less than 80% or more than 65%, the calcium content is 3.4%;the rate is less than 65%, the calcium content is 3.2%.


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