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The Techniques Of Chicken Fast Growth


 Newly hatched chicks physical weakness, poor ability to adapt to the environment,So farmers want chicks grow up quickly,Although eager but still need to step by step.Farmers can start from the following skills:
1.Temperature is the key,temperature had great effect on the survival rate of the chicken.Heat preservation, put the chicken in the carton, the cloth tile in the carton,the above 25 degrees small bulb 20 cm from the chicken.
2.feeding,Millet plus eggs a little water steam, cracking to feed the chicken.Point is conducive to digestion;
3.Buy a few chickens,Because the chicken is a social animal, has associated with it will be happy.
4.Don't give it water, will have loose bowels.Can add terramycin in the food,At the same time also can add yeast and sand for digestion.Feed Riga garlic once a week.chicken will don't get sick.Short of calcium, give more sunshine.


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