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The deployment of high-quality chicken feed methods


Quality brood chicken feed is the material basis, the relationship between the feeder and the chicks grow reasonably extremely close. Therefore, chicks fed nutritionally adequate, easily digestible diet is very important.

General chickens hatched 15-24 hours later you can feed, the first eighth of cooked rice, boiled, then water washing, make rice was sand grains, so that we can feed the chickens.

Beverage can feed to the chickens before first use 0.01% of potassium permanganate in water, or it can be mix feed chickens. 4-5 days, chicken diet can be changed to fit the material. You can buy the full price of chicks fed pellets directly, but also contains a variety of nutrients and palatability in accordance with a variety of feed. Common recipe for chicken feed: Corn 40%, 5% sorghum, soybeans 15%, 15% wheat bran, soybean meal 10%, rapeseed cake 8%, 5% fish meal, bone meal, 1.5%, 0.5% salt. Wherein the protein is essential for the growth and development of chicks nutrients.

The smaller chicks for the greater protein requirements, so if the conditions should feed some fish, earthworms and other animal protein as chicken feed supplement. In addition, chicks requirements of vitamins is also great, open the first three days of food you can mix some chopped fresh green fodder from the chicks in the feed; 10 days after the feed should be mixed with some clean sand with small help digestion.

Feeding should insist on feeding less frequently Tim, frequent meals and eat Bacheng principle of. Day Hey Hey times are generally 7-8 times during 3-15 days of age; 16-30 days for 6-7 times, 31-60 days for 5-6 times.

Water is also important for the chicks should be opened frequently while eating the right amount of clean drinking water supply, 20 days before the chicks best to drink warm water. 


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