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Design essentials coop ventilation facilities


Coop natural ventilation design elements: the practice of natural ventilation pressure ventilation and hot air is also carried out. In order to ensure that the temperature difference between inside and outside, must necessarily require coop airtight and insulation measures to prevent the formation of cracks in the winter due to excessive exhaust volume, discounted temperature is difficult to obtain guarantee, sometimes showing part of a large temperature difference and from the fractures to the "thief wind" direct invasion chicken, chicken body temperature decline caused adverse effects. Placed on the inlet and outlet, to try to increase the distance between hot air results in order to progress.
In order to constitute a pressure on both sides of the chicken coop, air inlet should be located in the advantages of the dominant wind direction and with a 30 ~ 60 °, air vents located humble wind. If the air inlet located in the lower part of the advantage to the house wall, the upper air vents located humble wind coop walls, can pressure ventilation and hot air superposition. Based on natural ventilation seminar materials indicate, into the exhaust port area equal, the larger the area, the greater the intake air, good ventilation results. Thus, in the south of the hot area for summer ventilation contentment sheds, the intake and exhaust port area is designed to be equal. In the hot summer and cold winter area, thought to be cold and warm in winter, will be located on the leeward side of the exhaust port area is designed to be smaller, but not less than half the air intake area, this time into the wind only reduced by one third. Otherwise, bad luck for summer ventilation.
For the airflow inside the chicken coop match average, in the placement of vents, make minimum wall between the small window width (in construction guarantee peace premise), preferably not more than one meter of ordinary. Such as permission to reduce the vortex behind the wall between the window area, improve ventilation results. The position requires vent gas flowing over the surface feeding chickens, chickens help reduce Scotia calm somatosensory temperature. Chicken house elevation level recommendations should be flat or slightly higher than net mesh surface under inlet; Yangji next round inlet elevation of 0.3 ~ 0.5m, the elevation of the best overriding cage.
Natural ventilation with windows coop, its sash open method of ventilation inevitably affect the results. There was a common way of county sash window (sub varus and valgus) and vertical spin windows. Fanchuang through the sash can be hung outside homes within the gas stream oriented feeding area, help to reduce the temperature of the chicken's body feeling, but the rain is easy to enter hires need to set up rain approach. Hanging in the air guide to the top outer Fanchuang able to eliminate discounted filthy sheds gas advantageous. Li spin and no windows divided tang tang, tang stand no match economic spin windows, or windows application rate, sash scene itself no wind, you can follow the opening angle of the wind to guide air conditioning.

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