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Feeding the geese technical points


In Goose refers to four weeks to 60 days to make the turn in front of the young goose fattening. Force feeding geese that stage, digestion, disease resistance have been greatly improved, to adapt to the external environment is very strong, muscles, bones and feathers rapid growth phase. Its big appetite, resistance to crude feed, feeding and management, although more than brood simple, but growth is good or bad and slaughter (listed) are closely related geese weight and quality is still very important.
1 grass goose: goose breeding for large-scale implementation of grass bred goose goose is the best way of feeding. Reared according to the size of goose grass, planted grass, forage supply to meet the goose, and the right amount of feeding concentrate. General requirements goose farms (households) artificial grass acreage of 120-150 birds / acre.
① selected forage species: Select adaptability, palatability, high yield, pest-free high-quality forage. According to the local climatic conditions and site conditions, generally choose Rumex, ryegrass, sudangrass, sonchifolia, preserved vegetables and other varieties as a goose with grass planting varieties.
② good job combining goose grass: grass and goose are two associated links. When implementing goose grass, farmers should be based on the actual situation and goose local time, batch, selecting the right grass goose appropriate mode. To ensure year-round supply of forage, the region is generally used in the following pasture cropping patterns: ryegrass sown in early October, January sowing sonchifolia, May planting sudangrass, September sowing preserved vegetables.
2 strengthen management: First, strengthen grass management. Under the premise of Shizujifei, intensive, improve water and fertilizer management and seedling weeding and other field management. The second is to strengthen the goose management. Insist on mowing goose, using grass frame feeding. Note swimming pond clean, Qinhuan geese bedding, wash clean stadium. To prevent indigestion, playgrounds must be stacked gravel. At the same time due to lack of exercise feeding, paying particular attention to a reasonable feeding concentrate to ensure that nutrition and calcium protein in animal feed, a reasonable proportion of phosphorus. Furthermore, growing pasture grass goose should be based on, adjust the number of geese to prevent forage shortage or waste.


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