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Types and characteristics of hatching machine


Hatching machines is the artificial ovipara maternal temperature and humidity conditions over eggs fertilized eggs after a certain time to develop into the life of the machine, the main purpose of embryonic development in the egg hatching incubator factory farms hatcheries individual farm family hatch hatching incubator units bio-incubator incubator school biotech companies embryo hatching poultry incubators and other special birds.
Hatching machines types can be divided into small incubator, pigeon incubator, chicks hatching machine, incubator rare birds, duck hatching machine, small automatic hatching machine, small automatic incubator hatching machine, automatic control of microcomputer products all use .

Features hatching machine
1, high economic efficiency to electricity as the main heat source, coal as a supplementary heat source, the machine can use the honeycomb
, Briquettes, briquette, charcoal, gas and other fuels, but also can be used to replace the hot water method to maintain a constant temperature.
2, not afraid of power: an electric automatic control, manual monitoring without electricity. Normal operation after a long power outage.
3, safe and reliable: The stove heating water heater is the first heating, heat, hot water hose into the water dish, oven, separate machine, the machine safe and odor. The aircraft selected high temperature insulation nickel-chromium-coated heat for temperature.
4, the top hatch, following hatching, a multi-purpose machine.
5, two-pipe heating, double humidification tube, double switch control heating, humidification.
6, power. Saving more than 50% of the original hatching machine for home users, saving the amount of investment, and more profit.
7, oxygen function, the new XL wetting pump oxygen supply system, so a lot of hatching rate increased. 


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