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How to raise chickens in winter?


In winter, the climate is cold, which is the off-season for broiler production. However, if the breeding and management are done properly, the chickens can be raised well in winter and obtain higher economic benefits.

(1) Do a good job of preventing cold and heat preservation. Insulation is the key to raising broiler chickens in winter. Do a good job in the maintenance of the chicken house before the arrival of cold weather. Tighten the doors and windows, seal up the gaps in the house, add heat preservation curtains to the doors and windows, and appropriately increase the thickness of the bedding. , According to the conditions, use heating, infrared, flue, fire wall, stove, etc. Pay attention to the constant temperature of the home and avoid excessive temperature difference between day and night.
(2) Pay attention to the high density and rapid growth of broiler chickens in the house for ventilation and ventilation. With the increase of body weight, the amount of breathing and excretion also increase. If proper ventilation is not carried out, the humidity in the house will not only be too high. It will also cause pollution of the air in the house and excessive ammonia concentration. If a stove is installed in the house, the content of harmful gases such as carbon monoxide will increase, which is extremely unfavorable to the growth and development of broilers, and even causes poisoning.
(3) Adjust the diet composition. In winter, the temperature is low and the chicken body's metabolism is strong, which can appropriately increase the energy level in the diet. According to information, adding 2% to 5% of animal and vegetable fats in the diet for broilers in winter can achieve better weight gain.
(4) Carefully manage the feeding of broiler chickens in winter. Free intake and free drinking can be adopted, and the feeding frequency should be increased appropriately. Each chicken should have a slot of 3 to 5 cm, with 23 hours of light and 1 hour of darkness every day. The light intensity is 1-2 watts/m2. Due to the high humidity in the house and the relatively dirty air, broiler chickens are susceptible to coccidiosis and respiratory diseases, which should be prevented.

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