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Methods for controlling immune chicken


Immunization is essential farm work is related to the success of immune chicken benefit level. Practice has proved that: under the same conditions, choose an effective immune method, obtain higher immunity. The following methods and techniques of the course will be chicken commonly used vaccines, the manipulation of matter give a brief note. 
1, nasal and eye: for Newcastle disease vaccination Ⅳ seedlings, C30, clone N79, spiritual and other Phytophthora g. Dropper tool can be used, special intranasally or syringes. This method of immunization vaccine drops after the eyes, noses, upper respiratory tract quickly produce local antibodies, tissue infections, followed by humoral antibody to reach a higher level. Bird watch in the process of manipulating the immune uniform.
Technical Note:
① selection of vaccine diluent, usually dedicated dilution or distilled water, cold water, not to use saline.
② accurate calculation of the amount of vaccine dilution. Usually the inlet with a dedicated high-grade vaccine diluent, can help with the bottle label in accordance with its use; eye intranasal use of personal devices owned, and the vaccine dilution before use, first calculate the amount of the vaccine, the vaccine preparation, such as a bottle 500 for chickens intranasally first determined using the eye number of the instrument 1 ml of water drops, if it is 30 drops 500 drops with 1,000 chickens, 20% loss of steering would require 1200 drops, the amount of diluent 1200 & pide ; 30 = 40 ml. The above calculation is estimated, the actual manipulation recalculated in accordance with this procedure.
③ now with the current vaccine, diluted vaccine put in the thermos, the first use, and in the course of each interval of a few minutes and gently shake to prevent precipitation.
④ ensure quality eye intranasally after intranasal eye to wait 3-4 seconds, and ensure that vaccines have been consumed in the eye into the nose or inhaled fully considered the end, if the overflow of excess should be re-infusion.
2, drops of mouth: for inoculation bursal disease and encephalitis vaccine. Because of these two diseases, mainly through the digestive tract infection, vaccination best way to adapt to this.
Technical Note:
① vaccine diluted with saline better, salty chicken can contribute to swallow, can also use distilled water or cold water.
② bird chicks drip drip when bursal vaccine immunization drops, calculation methods and the use of instruments with intranasal point dilutions same eye, for relatively large chicken can use a series of syringes, 0.1-0.2 ml per bird, Click here to calculate the amount of dilution.
③ Do not drip directly to the throat to prevent chicken cough, affect the immune effect.
④ drops around the mouth, you should stop feeding one hour.
3, water immunity: mainly the vaccine is dissolved in water to make drinking water of chickens. Features of this method is labor, do not disturb the birds, but the vaccine virus affected the environment and water quality greatly, due to uneven water intake will cause poor bird's immune effects and cleanliness. Commonly used in drinking water, immunization vaccines are: First bursal disease vaccine and encephalomyelitis live vaccines; two for each laying hen taken periodically Newcastle Ⅳ vaccine immunization.
Technical Note:
① ensure clean water free of impurities, free of disinfectants should not use tap water, and saline heavy water, it is best to use water from deep wells.
② preparation of vaccines, as well as drinking utensils not use metal utensils.
③ drinking utensils used should be sufficient to calculate the correct amount of drinking water, drinking time is generally maintained between 1-2 hours.
④ amount of vaccine can not blindly increase, in order to avoid excessive drinking of individual chicken and adverse reactions.
⑤ in the water add the appropriate vaccine guard agents, such as skim milk or a special vaccine escort agent.
⑥ formulated vaccine water solution to avoid direct sunlight.
4, immunized include: must use intramuscular and subcutaneous injection method in two ways, inactivated vaccine, Marek's vaccine, Newcastle disease vaccine and other immunization Ⅰ. This method is characterized by immunization: immune uniform, clean and high the desired effect, but to manipulate complex, large flocks of stress.
Technical Note:
① selected injection site, the best choice for chest intramuscular injection, intramuscular or leg, Marek vaccine should be injected subcutaneously in the neck. Because oil emulsion vaccine immunization site reactions large chicken leg injection is likely to cause paralysis, so try to chest intramuscular injection. In particular to the need to use a small subcutaneous chicken.
② chest injection hour not too long, and chest muscles showed a 15-30 degree angle injection, vertical injection to avoid penetrating the chest, stabbed the liver resulting in death; subcutaneous injection in the back of the neck part of the general election, do not get too close to the head.
③ lyophilized vaccine is generally used in water for injection or saline, do not use cold water.
④ every 10-20 chickens when injected once the needle exchange, to avoid cross-infection to each other through the needle. For some diseases after vaccination is best to do an emergency bird a needle, the needle used to disinfect recycling.

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