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Several measures to improve the hatchability


Hatchery is the embodiment of the chicken breeding efficiency,and is also a window of external image and poultry breed farms,incubator’s mission is make the fertilized egg to become as much as high-quality chicks to achieve good economic benefit.

1.Good health is the base of the high quality chicks to become chicken,chicken health directly effects the quality of the breeder eggs and chicks.Only feed the chicken full group nutrition diet,timely immunization,careful management to keep the breed chicken stock in good health,good body condition and good fertility.

2.Selection of breeder and eggs preserved:breeder eggs need to clean and pollution-free,eggs weight from 52-68 gram,egg shape index 0.72-0.75,the proportion around 1.08,strip the steel preserved egg burning on eggs and wrinkles and egg breaking crack,egg shell color should completely with the requirement.

2.2Eggs preserved:normal breeding egg should save for 5-7 days,best don’t more than one week,especially the old breeding egg should shorten the shelf life,breeder eggs should be stored in the insulation and air conditioning egg garage,adjust the temperature inside any time.temperature should around 13℃-18℃(short time using temperature limit,lower limit will be used on a long time),relative temperature in 75%-80%,and also to keep the good ventilation conditions of the library of egg




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