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How to use chicken egg incubator?


The microcomputer full-automatic incubator is a new generation of smart hatching control system, which is developed by the Keyu company in 2011, depending on the technological advantages in computer network and power control equipment, under the guidance of animal husbandry expert, combined with the reality of hatching industry in China and the experience of research personnel in development and production of hatching equipments.

The displayer of microcomputer smart incubator adopts the double-row digital screen; the special multi-function window can provide the guides for user’s operations. The product is equipped with multiple user-friendly functions, and more precise control function, thus to achieve a better automatic hatching process. The microcomputer smart incubator functions as smart control of temperature, humidity, and ventilation, regular eggturning, various alarm indication, detection, fault prompts, and Onekey hatching settings, thus to realize a real full-automatic hatching process .

Power on the incubator, select hatching egg type after both temperature and humidity are in normal displaying (the machine is provided with 5 types of hatching eggs: chicken, duck, goose, pigeon, and others).
The operation is as follows: hold down the “Mode” key and DO NOT RELEASE (within about 3 seconds) into the eggs hatching mode. It is available to select other 4 types such as duck, goose, pigeon, and others if need to hatch other types of eggs.
Press the “Mode” key and then RELEASE it to check the hatching time (shown in the lower display window SV such as ** hours ** days); then click the “Down” key to clear the hatching time. Please set the hatching time to 0 before hatching.
In consideration of the climate differences, it is available to modify detailed parameters of the type of eggs after selecting hatching (Note: The set parameter is only valid in the four modes of chicken, duck, goose, and pigeon, and the hatcher can be reset to the default parameters in the next operation.)


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