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Chicken immunization program


Eggs, chicken immunization program:
(1) hatched 24 hours injection Marek's vaccine (Square were incubated, epidemic seven days once again strengthen immunity).
(2) 7-10 days IV lines intranasal vaccine, bursal drops mouth.
(3) 10-15 days beak.
(4) 15-20 days infectious bronchitis H120.
(5) 25-30 days, Newcastle IV Department of seedlings, water or intranasal vaccine bursa.
(6) 40-45 days infectious bronchitis H52.
(7) 45-50 day-old chicken pox.
(8) 60-90 days old Newcastle I Department of seedlings.
(9) 100-day-old chicken pox wings thorn species
(10) 120-125 day-old chicken egg drop syndrome, infectious bronchitis, avian influenza, Newcastle disease quadruple vaccine injection.

Fast large meat chicken immunization program:

1,7-10 days Newcastle intranasally.
2,10-15 days bursa intranasally.
3,25-30 days Newcastle disease, IBD water.
4,40-50 days of slaughter.

Medium meat chicken immunization program

①7-10 days Newcastle disease IV drip system intranasal bursa mouth.
②15-20 days intranasal infectious bronchitis.
③25-30 Newcastle IV bursal drinking age intranasally.
④40-45 days H52 avian infectious bronchitis vaccine.
⑤60-90 days of Newcastle disease can destroy seedlings (IND) injection, IV lines intranasal vaccine.


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