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Measuring the growth rate and backfat thickness of pigs


To increase the growth rate and lean meat content in pigs need a reasonable option, the program should have three basic elements.

First: We need to identify individual pigs. This can be harsh thorn, playing ear missing, hanging ears fellow Cape cards and other methods described in pigs and date of birth parents to obtain.
Second: We need to measure the weight of the pig had, it can be said that the use of mobile pig cage to get this cage can accurately measure called live pigs weighing more than 200 kg.

Ideally, pigs should be that when weighing 20-25 kg 8-10 weeks of age, and then slaughter age that is 90-110 kg live weight when once again weighed.
In order to make the growth rate of pigs and the weight of a standard comparison, we need to use a calibration standard in the stage of 20-30 kg may be 0.5 Kg / day of the calibration standard in the stage of 90-110 kg, a 1.0 kg / day of the calibration standard.
For example, only two pigs weighing measurements were performed:
Pigs # 1 was born in 163 days, weighed in the 221 days (58 days age) = 21 kg, while weighing 348 days = 106 kg.
The number of days to 25 kg = 221-163 + (25-21/0.5 kg / day) = 66 days
The number of days to 100 kg = 348-163 + (106-100/1.0 kg / day) = 179 days
# 166 pigs born on June 2, when weighed 221 days (55 days days) = 23 kg, weight = 98 kg at the time of 348 days.
The number of days to 25 kg = 221-166 + (25-23/0.5 kg / day) = 59 days
The number of days to 100 kg = 348-16 + (106-98/1.0 kg / day) = 184 days
From the heritability of 25-100 kg test than the heritability of the number of days with 100 kg from birth to be great.
Compare these two pigs:
Pigs # 1 birth to 100 kilograms of days = 179 days 25-100 kilograms days = 113 days
# 2 pigs from birth to 100 kilograms of days = 184 days 25-100 kilograms days = 125 days
Third, we need to measure lean meat content of live pigs were the same species, same sex live weight of pigs in particular under the weight of its internal organs and bones are considered fairly stable, the main difference is lean and different fat content. If we can estimate the fat content in pigs, so accordingly we can estimate the content of lean meat in pigs.
Most of the fat is subcutaneous fat layer in pigs, pigs, and total fat content which is highly relevant in vivo. The sixties developed in Europe, ultrasonic thickness measurement technique pig fat pig subcutaneous fat thickness can be measured more accurately, thus can estimate the total fat content in the body of a pig, then the corresponding lean content in pigs ground can also be calculated.
Through the measurement and analysis of thousands of times, it was found that the fat layer of the three different locations for the ultrasonic measurement data from three locations and these can be combined to accurately estimate the total fat content.
These measurement points are commonly referred to as C, K, and L. These points can be identified more easily pigs, any, any pigs are in the same place was measured.
C and K points are located at the last rib pigs, respectively, from the ridge line 4cm (2 finger width) and 8cm (4 finger width).
In general, the larger the pigs, the more backfat thickness. Therefore, in order to make a pig and other pigs can only be correct comparison, the C + K + L to be corrected to a standard weight. For live weight 90 kg -110 kg pigs, measurements can be combined with one kilogram CKL / 1 mm calibration standards.
For example, or with just the same pig just to illustrate:
Day # 1 in pigs weighing 348 = 106 kg C = 24, K = 26, L = 24
# 2 in pigs weighing 348 days = 98 kg C = 20, K = 23, L = 19
Pigs # 1CKL = 74 CKL corrected to 100 kg = 74-6 = 68
Pigs # 2CKL = 62 CKL corrected to 100 kg = 62 +2 = 64
Thus, the weight of the pigs is corrected to a standard, the pigs in each of the growth rate and backfat thickness are a number of different aspects of the information can be used for comparison with each other to determine which has the best pure pigs performance.
Growth from birth-100KG growth 25KG-100KG 100KG growth in CKL
Pigs # 117911368
Pigs # 218412564
If these are two different pig breeds, we can compare the differences between varieties.
If two different pig sex, we can compare the gender differences.
If this pig is the same species of the same sex, we can compare the differences between heritability.
If we are able to collect all the pigs on the simple message, then we can make some meaningful analysis. In fact, these measurements are easy to carry, the vast majority of individuals do the work, or information gathering. This is any statistical analysis, including the basic principles of genetic information required.


CKL correlation between ultrasonic measurement and lean meat content in Germany
1. Between +0.7 to +0.8.
2. Correlation between daily weight gain and feed conversion ratio is about +0.7.
3. 163 days and later in the calendar are examples of international standard calendar.

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