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Why do newborn piglets have diarrhea?


"Three days after my sow gave birth, the piglets had diarrhea." "What's wrong with diarrhea in newborn piglets?" "How to use the medicine for yellow and white scour of the piglets." etc. Recently, a large wave of farmers came to consult me ​​about such problems. Newborn piglets are prone to diarrhea, and the more serious ones will cause death by "Haemophilus parasitica". Even if the piglet's diarrhea is controlled, it will still seriously affect the growth and development speed of the pig herd and cause huge economic losses to the farmers. So Nini tells everyone about science this is a magical situation.

One analyze the reason
(1) Viral diarrhea, prenatal pseudorabies vaccine for sows is not done or pseudorabies vaccine is done but the antibody level is insufficient.
(2) The temperature difference between day and night is large, and the abdomen of newborn piglets is easy to catch cold.
(3) Bacterial infection or incomplete anti-inflammation of sows after delivery may cause diarrhea in newborn piglets.
(4) Nutritional diarrhea, poor milk of sows causes diarrhea in newborn piglets.
Two clinical symptoms
(1) Viral diarrhea, the newborn piglets start to have a lot of diarrhea within three or four days, and the piglets suffer casualties on the second day after the disease, and the sows have regurgitation.
(2) The temperature difference between day and night is large, and the newborn piglets have yellow and white scour.
(3) The sow has mastitis or the sow has a slight fever.
Three how to prevent
(1) Do a good job in the feeding and management of sows, and must be vaccinated with swine fever, pseudorabies, Japanese encephalitis and other vaccines before delivery.
(2) Improve the environmental sanitation of the pig house, control the temperature and humidity of the pig house, and prevent the newborn piglets from being infected with breeding pathogens or catching cold.
(3) Do a good job of health care for sows before and after childbirth, and thoroughly eliminate inflammation after childbirth.
Four treatment plan
(1) On the one hand, administer gentamicin to the piglets, and on the other hand give the sows an anti-inflammatory injection.
(2) Enrofloxacin is also a good choice for piglets.

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