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The cooling pad and fan in the shed


Cooling pad and  fan is a combination of the curtain fan cooling. it can cooling down the temprature and change air high efficiency. "cooling pad - fan "of the horizontal and vertical ventilation can cooling down the temprature economically and environmentally in summer . installed fans and cooling pad  is very economical and practical in the new type house, this equipment can cool down the temprature and Ventilation , the effect is very good,and investment and daily operating costs are not high,compare with the installation of air conditioning ,the fees is generally 1/2 and 1/8.

XD-A Series cold air fan mainly including the fan frame, wind concentrator,fan blade,electromotor, drive mechanism,support frame,adjustable louver,protective screening and other components. Motor-driven fan to generate airflow then let the negative air outside the house, so the cool fresh air enter into the house, so as to achieve the purpose of ventilation. When the fan is rotated venetian blinds open automatically ,when you shut down the shutters automatically close to prevent the dust outside the house, foreign matter from entering in the house, but also to avoid the impact of rain and snow and wind. Equipped with fully automatic temperature control system can achieve full automation operation.

Product Feature
1, frame is made of advanced automatic processing, high precision;
2.Thicker Galvanized board, strong corrosion resistance
3.High-strength aluminum-magnesium alloy cast wheels, new type twist punching blades
4.Reasonable airfoil angle to ensure a large air flow generated
5.Precision microcomputer aided manufacturing system allows the fan to maximize performance
6.Strict quality testing procedures: noise testing, vibration testing, rotating concentric performance test, fan speed detection, air flow is detected, the overall efficiency of detection.














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