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Introduction about automatic duckbill pig drinking fountain


Pigs are many types of automatic drinkers, there duckbill, nipple, cup, etc., the most common is the duckbill automatic waterers.

Duckbill pig drinking fountain is mainly made ​​up of body, valve, seals, return spring, lids, filters and other components. Where the valve spool selection of brass and stainless steel materials, springs, filters for stainless steel. Cover with plastic stopper manufacturing. Overall simple structure, corrosion resistance, reliable, watertight, long life. When pigs drinking water, including drinking mouth, biting pressure valve stem, water from the gap between the outflow valve and seal into the pig's mouth, when the snout released by the return spring tension, stem reset, the water gap is closed, the water stops flowing, good sealing performance duckbill drinker, when the water flow out of the pressure is reduced, the lower flow rate, in line with pigs drinking water requirements.

Duckbill pig drinking fountain, the general size of two kinds of specifications, such as small 95zY2.5 (flow 2-3 liters / minute), large as 9szY3 (flow 3-4 liters / minute), suckling pig and conservation piglets with small, medium and large pig pig large. Angle of installation of such drinkers are horizontal and two 45 degrees above the ground with the pig body weight change and different.

Drinking fountains to be installed in the lounge area away from pigs defecating in the region. Drinking regularly check the working status, remove dirt, regulate and tighten screws, find fault and replacement parts.


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