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Fans trends


With the continuous development of science and technology, requires people to use suction fan is also increasing, the fans in terms of technology trends currently abroad, will continue to increase along the fan capacity, high efficiency, high speed and low noise, small direction.

Large suction fan capacity continues to increase. Various industrial devices increasingly large scale, you need all kinds of fans also will increase the capacity of the objective, fans large number of machines in the market in the coming years will be welcome.

Efficient. To improve efficiency, three-dimensional flow impeller has been widely applied in Ventilator. Other fans, such as the development of mixed flow fans and other special purposes will be more market.
High-speed miniaturized. After various types of suction fan impeller using three-dimensional flow, improve efficiency, the pressure can be increased. Therefore, under the same conditions, the impeller diameter can be reduced by 10% to 30%, so you get the dual effect of reducing the volume and reduce the weight. Increase the fan speed is also an important way of miniaturization.

Noise reduction. Suction fan noise is one of the most important sources of noise pollution in industrial production. Large suction fan and high speed makes more noise problem is very prominent. Low-frequency noise, mainly by improving the suction fan blower design, reduce body noise, if below standard, may take measures such as the installation of mufflers.
Taken together, these technologies are both the future development trend of foreign suction fan, also the suction fan industry in technology direction.


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