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Pig house building process FAQ


Barn building
There are many problems in many pig farmers, especially small and medium sized professional farmers and farm. Here is the problem and recommend upgrading programs I found only farmers construction, alteration pig reference.
The main hardware is a pig barn, including waste treatment, water, ventilation, lighting, insulation and other systems. Is one of the important conditions for raising the funds invested less good pig. Hardware failure, software running on difficult. In the construction of barns in a reasonable, good variety, immune health, nutritional, feeding and management will maximize the benefits.

Currently pig problems:
Many professional farmers and small farms the most problematic. Investment is also a lot but very unreasonable. Including many large farms, and even the building all the way south to get north. There would have been more reasonable and even pig farms converted into a lot of ills.
What kind of pig farms to be reasonable it? Is actually very simple. Very common following questions:

First, the lighting system:
Lighting unreasonable most prominent. Block northward orientation of the most reasonable and simple terms is mostly primary seat northward. Then the windows are too small. A reasonable pig we first look at the windows. Sows windows must be large, as large as possible. People at a glance this building is not the pig sheds, not a barn, not a school, not housing.
Some of the pig, the cost of construction is not small, could have a smaller investment can build a better pig, but often went to see someone else do it mimics. Especially sows with piglets warm greenhouse effect is very poor, fattening can be semi-open, winter greenhouses, so reduce costs.

Second, the manure handling system:
Mostly no sedimentation tank. Polluting pig disease must continue. Dosing difference just from health care, immunization, disinfection and other measures effects and huge investment! The most economical method of disease prevention should be the environmental sanitation and disinfection. Followed by immunization, care, treatment. The farmers often put this order is reversed. The results obtained are putting in a lot of money, but the effect is always unhappy. For example, there is a scale of 200 pig farmers, feed pigs with the health medicine, swine fever spleen, lymph seedlings have done. Because of continuous rainy days pig has diarrhea, a lot of coughing, feeding decreased. Medication effect slowly. The main reason is that the problem is caused by unreasonable barn building.
Some feces are thrown out the window. Mosquitoes breed. Some gutters too, and some gutters in the aisle location, ground feeding pigs stampede droppings cause corrosion of the hoof, contaminated feed.

Third, the ventilation system:
Mainly refers to the winter ventilation. Insulation at the same time, if a relatively large ammonia odor should be properly ventilated. Most farmers are not aware of this problem, the winter is always a persistent cough, severe lower feed conversion, increased morbidity. Farmed a small amount can not ventilated. If a pig herds homes more unventilated harm is very large. The solution is to house about five meters above the left and right of a vent, or at one end of the house to install exhaust fans. Ventilation important than insulation.

Fourth, is the drinking water system:
First, the level of drinking unreasonable, pig drinking a lot of height. That such a large pig farmers bow also drink, pig Yang Bo also drink. Difficulty falling or drink resulting in reduced feed intake. And many of them are currently dry powder based. The solution is segmented feeding. Different pigs in different homes. Or the drinking set 2 height. Height of approximately parallel to the pig scapula. Second is not enough lead to insufficient water pressure, water pressure is mainly decided by the height of towers. There drinkers position is unreasonable, mainly producing sows in bed drinking position. Recommended drinking bowl and take four times a day to feed wet spices ways to improve reduce postpartum no milk or cream is too high due to diarrhea and other problems sow feed intake.

Fifth, the insulation system:
Northeast can use large paved the way for keeping laps pregnant sows and fattening pigs. For example, most of the area of ​​a field is 3 × 4, a large circle on the 6 × 8. Sows and nursery can use the stove, heating, warm air furnace, the kang. Note that the temperature is not too high sows controlled at about 20 °. If the kang area will lead to unreasonable sow feed intake decreased, affecting lactation. Piglets with a hot plate, infrared lamps. Nursery temperature is also very important.

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