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How to use your lean meater ?


Why is there a third layer of fat switch?
All pigs are likely to have a third layer of fat, when pigs grow fat when general store in the above two, but in the latter part of the growth of pigs will precipitate the third layer of fat, the advantage of this is that you lean meater can measure the thickness of the third layer of fat.
Note: Do not attempt to measure the thickness of the three layers of fat at the front and back shoulder blade, so that the measurement results are not too accurate.

How to use your lean meater?
1. Before the first use, you must use the supplied charger shipped meter high card charging about 12 smaller, after this every time you use, the charging time must be three times the use of time, in order to ensure long-term use of the battery.
2. generally the most accurate measuring point is C, K, L points (see another part of the measurement of specific instructions). Before each measurement, the measurement of skin coated with some edible vegetable oil (such as paraffin oil or motor oil) or water, must ensure good contact between the probe and the skin, in order to make the body of the ultrasonic wave into the pigs to the measurement feedback instrument.
        When measuring, press and hold the power switch tester, the probe gently on the measuring point and slowly moving the probe in order to squeeze the air bubbles between the probe and the skin. Measuring probe and the surface must be kept vertical, some errors will result if the angle measurement data.
        When measuring method is correct, the display on the meter display will complete electronic reading, such as electronic reading does not show proof of poor contact, use more oil, we must ensure that the vertical and horizontal probe and measuring point.
3. when the first measurement should be put on measuring switch 3, which will be able to measure the total thickness of the three layers of fat. As a third lean meater to detect fat, electronic display on the meter reading will show the correct reading. As a third layer of fat does not exist, the analyzer displays electronic reading will not be displayed.
        In this case, switch off the meter, the measurement switch on two open analyzer. The total thickness of the analyzer will detect fat layers and measure and display electronic reading. The reading will remain on display until the detector detects new data.
        Not all the same thickness of the fat layer, so in order to ensure maximum measurement accuracy, it is best to measure an average of two to three adjacent data measurement points. Electronic reading just turn on the power switch displayed no different. Only real measurements show that when electronic reading lights is effective manner. Electronic reading error is + /-1mm.
4. older pigs have died hard skin, will require additional capacity to get good contact with the probe and the living tissue under the skin between. If desired, the measuring point can be shaved on the pig, and then with hot water wet skin, the skin penetration of the coated edible vegetable that can measure twelve minutes. Young pig skin softer, generally do not need to make a lot of measuring points preparations.

Note1. Must unplug the charger when using
       2. does not allow the use in the human body
       3. If you have any use questions, please call letter to the company asking. 
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