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Organic calcium and inorganic calcium


One. Inorganic calcium, such as calcium carbonate, calcium phosphate and calcium oxide, or derived from machined animal shell bones; inorganic calcium, its advantages, the biggest advantage is that it contains extremely high calcium, and one of its disadvantages is that it absorbs It requires the participation of stomach acid, so our daily application is generally for adult animals with healthy gastrointestinal tract functions.

two. It is organic calcium, such as: calcium formate, calcium gluconate, calcium lactate, calcium citrate, calcium acetate, etc.; the advantage of organic calcium is that calcium is relatively better absorbed because it does not require stomach acid during the dissolution process Participation.
Among them, the first type of calcium agent often has the disadvantages of being difficult to absorb and low calcium content. What is more fatal is that some products are likely to cause excessive heavy metal content due to defects in the manufacturing process. Some of the second products have the defects of low calcium content and low bioavailability. Calcium formate is neutral organic calcium, with high calcium content, good water solubility, high intestinal absorption rate, low heavy metal content, moderate price, and relatively reasonable.
The daily calcium supplement varieties of piglet diets are divided into five categories:
1. Calcium carbonate: it is the most commonly used calcium supplement product in feed mills. Its high calcium content and low price are the main reasons for its application. However, it is strongly alkaline and has great gastrointestinal irritation. A large amount of gastric acid is needed to neutralize the absorption process, the absorption utilization rate is low, the heavy metal content is high, and the palatability is extremely poor. It is easy to react with the addition of vitamins and reduce the utilization of vitamins. Not suitable for young animals and those with achlorhydria.
2. Calcium lactate: Its advantage is easy to dissolve, but its disadvantage is low calcium content. Such preparations include calcium lactate, which contains 13% calcium; calcium gluconate, which contains 9% calcium. To achieve the control of the calcium level in the diet at 0.58% to 0.8%, too much dosage is required, which is difficult to accept for feed costs.
3. Calcium hydrogen phosphate: It is a daily calcium supplement variety used in feed factories. It contains 23.3% calcium and relatively high calcium content. However, its disadvantage is that it is difficult to absorb. In addition, it contains high phosphorus. The function causes harm, so it is less used; especially in aquaculture, it is not suitable for multiple uses, and it is easy to cause animals into transportation.
4. Calcium citrate: 21.1% calcium content, good water solubility, better bioavailability than calcium phosphate, its absorption does not depend on gastric acid, but the price is higher. It is more used in human medicine.
5. Neutral organic calcium: Feed-grade calcium formate has just begun to be used in my country. It contains 31% calcium, 69% formic acid, neutral pH, low water content, good water solubility and neutrality. Mixing calcium formate into the additive premix will not cause vitamin loss, and it is in stomach acid Under the action, free formic acid can be separated and the pH of the stomach can be lowered. Calcium formate has a high melting point and can only be decomposed at a temperature above 400°C and will not be damaged during the granulation process.
The standard for selecting calcium products for piglet feed is to see whether it has the following seven characteristics:
1. The calcium content should be high, and the neutral is the best;
2. High solubility (water solubility), but less insoluble matter;
3. The acidity of the feed should be low, and the intestinal absorption should be high;
4. Good bioavailability;
5. Low heavy metal content, does not affect product quality and flavor, and is harmless to humans and animals.
6. Appropriate cost and moderate price;
7. Uniform particles, good fluidity, easy to stir and mix.

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