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Something about the pig nipple drinker


I think we all understand that if a person does not, and a drop of water, they will lose consciousness within three days, very likely will lose their lives, then, the same water for all living creatures of the world, too.
The user may understand the majority of farming, water for maintaining normal physiological function of living is very important, if not normal, then to the pig supply will affect the live production, may cause various diseases to live seriously affect the pig's life. In a pigsty, a headband Aberdeen sow daily need of water about 200 pounds, pregnant sows, boars, pigs bred about 60 pounds, about 30-40 pounds piglets and finishing pigs.
See the amount of water above, may increase the user's ability to work farming, water many times a day, may also cause waste of water resources, there may be a certain impact on the barn environment. 
Zhengzhou Jinhui Agricultural S&T Co.,Ltd. offer nipple drinker equipment  professionally. One pig nipple drinker can provide 10-15 pigs available drinking water, usually mounted on the water district water pipe. Its structure is simple, the duckbill body, stem, plastic valves and springs and other parts fixed. When pigs drinking water, the body will duckbill title in the mouth, squeezing the stem, to overcome the spring pressure on the valve stem and plastic pipes off-center, so the water flows into the tube from drinking pig's mouth. When the snout to leave the stem and in the spring, automatic back, stop drinking water. Commonly used duckbill pig caliber automatic drinking water is generally 2.5 mm and 3.5 mm, and its water volume of 2000-3000 and 3000-4000 ml milliliters per minute. When using the automatic water dispenser, you should always check for leaks or damage phenomena, timely maintenance.
I believe that the user uses the duckbill breeding pigs with a drinking fountain, it will reduce its workforce, can also play water conservation effect, then, the pig's environment will not be the case of water pollution occurs, will reduce pig the occurrence of the disease, so as to save the majority of users into farming, this. 

Quick detail:

Name pig nipple drinker
Brand name Shishen
Raw material Stainless steel
Application Piggery
Place of origin Henan,China(Mainland)
Package 400 pcs/ctn
Process Casting mould
Flux Rate 16-80L
Working principle Vibratory
Drinking style Automatic
Drinking angle 360

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: Automatic poultry nipple drinker nipple drinkers for pigs: 1, 400 pieces in a hard case. 2, The case will be wrapped and put into another paper carton in transportation.
Delivery Detail: About 7 working days against payment or depend on order quantity


Automatic poultry nipple drinker nipple drinkers for pigs:
1,Supply hygienic water
2,No leakage,good dust removal
Automatic drinker for pig farming is made by pure stainless steel,popular used in livestock and husbandry field.

Production feature:
1, Stainless steel,anti-corrosion,supply hygienic water.
2, The design is convenience for pigs and sanitation water confer.
3, Adjustable plastic filter is easy to change high pressure water systems and low pressure water systems.
4, Individual packing or bulk packing is acceptable.

Detailed photos:

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