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How to manage the newly weaned piglets?


 1. Mixed groups of piglets

① It is easy for piglets to fight in mixed pens. In order to avoid positional disputes, two litters are usually combined at the time of weaning, and the method of "night and day are not combined, big and small, and more and less" is adopted. Growing houses are reared in groups according to male and female, weight, breed, and sex.
② It is necessary to do a good job of adjustment and "three-point positioning" when paralleling. Provide fence area at 0.4 square meters per head.
2. Transition of feeding method
Freshly weaned piglets cannot fully adapt to solid feed and have poor digestion. If they eat too much, they will easily cause digestive dysfunction and cause diarrhea. Pigs that tend to be stronger in production are more likely to get sick at this stage.
Method: A certain amount of antibiotics and anti-allergic drugs should be added to the feed at the early stage of weaning, feed less and more meals, and pay attention to the feces. If it is still normal after a week, you can take full ad libitum.
Note: Clean the tank in time to prevent feeding moldy and deteriorating feed; pay attention to replenishing electrolytes and deworming after three weeks.
3. Transition of feed types
Newly weaned piglets cannot be changed to piglet feed immediately. They are kept in the original pen for a few days and transferred to the nursery for transfer. The transfer of feed requires a process. Generally, a gradual replacement method is adopted within a week.
Once an abnormality is found during the transfer process, the transfer will be stopped immediately, and the transfer will not continue until it improves.
Pay attention to provide clean drinking water and electrolytes during the transfer process, and pay attention to adding drugs.
4. The transition of the environment
① Feed in the original pen as far as possible after weaning;
②The nursery house requires good environment and sanitary conditions. Try to use a high bed slatted floor, so that the temperature and humidity are easy to control; disinfect and leave for a week before transferring to the group.
③Do not inject vaccines within 10 days after weaning to avoid stress;
④ Weaned piglets are afraid of cold, so the temperature should be adjusted well. To prevent excessive temperature difference between day and night, there should be no draughts, and the house should be dry and well ventilated. Method: The room temperature is required to be 27°C (25°C before weaning), and then drop by 1-2°C every week until 22°C.
5. Points to note in management
① Observe the piglet's feeding, behavioral dynamics, feces and sleep conditions;
② Feed frequently and add less feed, forming regularity;
③Avoid strangers from entering and exiting to prevent the piglets from sensational and stressful;
④Pay attention to ventilation, solve the contradiction between ventilation and heat preservation; keep the house dry, clean and sanitary;
⑤ It is not advisable to vaccinate at the initial stage of transfer to avoid multiple stresses.

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