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Four management tips to make sows produce more healthy piglets


The Raise pigs friend asked, how to increase the physique of pregnant sows?

Why strengthen the sow’s physique? The sow has good physique and physical strength, which reduces the weakening of the sows. We have to distinguish whether the sow is dystocia or is weak. There is a big difference between the two. The sows that are dystocia will show frequent exertion. The belly shrank, and no piglet came down for more than 45 minutes. This may be because the piglet is stuck or the birth canal is narrow and requires artificial delivery; when the weak sow gives birth, the anger is weak and seems to be sleeping Similarly, there is no movement. Some friends think that the sow is difficult to give birth, and frequently dig out the piglets, causing secondary damage to the sow.
To enhance physical fitness, in addition to well-feeding and balanced nutrition, we also need to pay attention to the breeding environment. We need to feed in the best pens with conditions to give the sows enough space to exercise and promote blood circulation. It is best to move the sows to a spacious pen in the previous month to allow the sows to exercise and reduce the occurrence of sow fatigue.
Constipation in prenatal sows has always been serious and needs to be prevented. Work hard on the feeding of sows, match the feed with green feed, and drink enough water. If necessary, you can add artificial salt to the sows (pay attention to the dosage and let the sows Drink plenty of water), it is good for alleviating sow constipation.
The other is the problem of anemia in sows. The sows are pregnant with more than a dozen pigs at a time and cannot afford to provide them. If your sows have pale skin and easy hair loss, they are usually a little anemic. Anemic sows will affect sow production. Litter time, so we usually do it once in the 90th day of pregnancy, and then once a week later, each time 5ml iron dextran prevents anemia. Be careful not to overdose. If you see your sow looks normal, you can also do it. once.
The sows should be fed better during pregnancy. It does not mean that they should eat more and more. The main reason is to have a balanced nutrition. The amount should be fed in accordance with the regulations to prevent the sows from getting too fat and thin, which will affect the farrowing.
Enhancing the sow's physique is of great benefit to reducing the sow's littering time, so friends who raise pigs should pay more attention.

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