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How to perform correct health care and anti-inflammatory for sows after delivery?


The sow is the basis of the entire pig farm, but due to production, sows often suffer from some obstetric diseases due to infection, such as metritis, uterine erosion, etc., so postpartum health care and anti-inflammatory sows are very important.

Postpartum sow health care and anti-inflammatory can be started from two aspects:
1. Regulate the sow's immunity and reproductive system, expel endotoxins from the body, and at the same time purify the bacteria in the sow, so that there is always an effective blood drug concentration in the sow's blood and reduce the occurrence of diseases.
2. The use of Chinese and Western medicine for sow health care can reduce the vertical transmission of sow disease during sow feeding, reduce the occurrence of piglet diarrhea during piglet feeding, and enhance disease resistance. For the choice of injections, sows are physically strong when they give birth, and the birth process is relatively short, within 4 hours, the general medicine needs uterine infusion or injection 1-2 times, and the birth process exceeds 4 hours, 2-3 injections There are more anti-inflammatory drugs for postpartum infusions for the elderly. Generally, there are the following types:
1. Uterine perfusion drugs, direct uterine perfusion is the best, but it is required not to lose uterine villi. It is suitable for pig farms of all sizes, such as Gongjing (long-acting anti-inflammatory + repairing mucous membrane + accelerating lochia discharge, etc.). The drugs can reach the uterus directly. It is more direct, the effect is better, and the operation is more convenient.
2. Ordinary western medicine injections, such as penicillin, are often used in free-range pig farms. The effect of penicillin is still good, but there are many drawbacks. Penicillin drugs have a short antibacterial and narrow general efficacy duration, and the peak blood drugs can only It lasts for 6-8 hours, and the drug resistance is severe. Generally, the actual dosage should be increased. Generally, 7-8 penicillin and 4-5 streptomycin are used in 350 kg sows, twice a day It is used for 2-3 days, and other drugs are required, but it cannot promote the discharge of lochia and restore the uterine mucosa. The overall cost is relatively high, the labor intensity is relatively large, and the operation is inconvenient.
3. Use 5 grams of anti-inflammatory called "ceftiofur". There are many free-range households. Ceftiofur is slightly yellow. You can know the color and actual dosage of the medicine. In fact, penicillin is generally used. Ampicillin is combined with Analgin, so it looks white, which is good. Many starch or glucose is used as a postpartum anti-inflammatory for sows. Postpartum anti-inflammation is fast and lasts for a short time. Some fever is too fast, so sows will not eat Feed, and there will be milk back phenomenon, I don’t feel good.
4. Some pig farms use oxytetracycline, oxytetracycline has a broad-spectrum long-acting effect, and has anti-inflammatory effects. At the same time, it also has an effect on the peritoneum. The disadvantages are oiliness, poor injection, poor absorption, and blood concentration It can't achieve good results, the injection is more laborious, and it is inconvenient to split injections.
5. Some of the large pig farms use real ceftiofur sodium, and one piece should be close to more than 20 yuan. The effect is good but the cost is high, and the actual application is few.
For a good postpartum anti-inflammatory injection, I feel that I should have the following aspects:
(1) Long-acting broad-spectrum antibacterial;
(2) It can help the uterus to recover quickly;
(3) Speed ​​up the rapid discharge of lochia;
(4) The cost should not be too high;
(5) The operation should be more convenient.
Note: If the postpartum sow has a good feed intake, try to mix the feed. The selected drugs can be antiviral, eperythrocyte and antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.

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