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Sows fail to breed, what are the reasons for repeated infertility?


Breeding friends often encounter this situation. The sows often return to estrus after mating. The sows look very healthy, can eat and sleep, their body temperature and feeding are all normal, but they are not good enough. In fact, this reason is very complicated and the most important Sows have problems with their uterus and ovaries, so what are the factors that cause this condition?

First, feeding and management issues, sows are too thin or fat.
Poor fat control of sows or excessive weight loss during lactation are the main reasons.
The sow is too thin, lacks nutrition, incomplete follicle development, hormone disorder in the body, insignificant estrus, obstructed ovulation, and lower chance of successful breeding.
Overweight sows and excessive fat deposits hinder the development of follicles and also affect the implantation of fertilized eggs in the uterus. Therefore, the sow can adjust the feed as appropriate in the second trimester to control the sow's fat type, and increase the feed nutrition and mineral elements during the lactation period to prevent the sow from losing too much fat.
Second, postpartum health care and bed hygiene of sows.
The postpartum health care of the sow and the hygiene of the delivery bed determine the incidence of sow endometritis.
Excessive inflammation of the sow directly leads to the failure of implantation of the sow's fertilized eggs or the inability to form fertilized eggs. The sows often express milky white mucus, purulent mucus, and dark brown mucus.
To reduce uterine inflammation, postpartum sows should be injected intramuscularly with anti-inflammatory needles or infusions to reduce inflammation. Severe uterine inflammation must be cleared. Do a good job of bed hygiene and fecal cleaning within a week after delivery to reduce the incidence of uterine inflammation.
Third, master the mating time.
Breeding in line with the principle of "the old match is early, the young match is late", the sow has a standing reaction, the color of the vulva changes to purplish red with wrinkles, and it can be bred when it drains mucus.
Mix once every 6-8 hours and 2-3 times. The first mating of new sows is delayed by 6-8 hours. If the sow returns to estrus in 18 days, it means that the mating is late, and it means that the sow returns to estrus in 22--23 days.
Can be bred
Fourth, mycotoxins exceed the standard.
Excessive mycotoxins lead to poor ovarian development or ovarian atrophy in sows. The sow has many tear spots and tears, and the sow has false estrus, which lasts for a long time. Do not feed moldy or spoiled feed to sows.
If there is no estrus caused by mycotoxins exceeding the standard, add a mold release agent to the feed, add green fodder to increase the protein content, and directly eliminate it without estrus after conditioning for 2-3 estrus.
In short, we must do a good job of daily feeding management, anti-inflammatory work before and after delivery, pay attention to whether the feed ingredients are mildewed, and fundamentally eliminate and solve the problems of difficulty in breeding sows and non-estrus.

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