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Treat sow flatulence and avoid farm losses


Due to the rapid onset and fast death of sows, flatulence causes very large economic losses to the pig farm. Therefore, farmers need to pay attention to this symptom.

Cause Analysis:
1. Gastrointestinal problems. When encountering pig flatulence, first check whether there is rectal adhesion, most of the pig flatulence problems are here. If there is no rectal adhesion, then consider other causes such as intussusception, intestinal obstruction, and use symptomatic medication.
Stomach ulcers and slow gastrointestinal motility in pigs can cause flatulence in sows. At the same time, sows drink cold water to stimulate the gastrointestinal tract, especially in the hot summer, winter and spring. Feeding the feed with mold causes disturbances in the digestive system of the sows, leading to flatulence in the sows.
2. Clostridium weischii. As the sow eats too much feed and stays in the gastrointestinal tract, due to insufficient peristaltic motility in the digestive tract, clostridium weichii multiplies, produces a large amount of harmful gas and cannot be discharged in time, causing flatulence, compression of the heart and lungs, and blood circulation Obstacles appeared, which eventually caused the pig to choke and die.

1. Strengthen feeding management, keep proper pellets for pig feed, and don't let pigs eat too much when feeding, which will easily cause indigestion.
2. Regularly disinfect the pig house, do a good job of hygiene and epidemic prevention, pig feed should be properly stored, it is forbidden to feed moldy feed to pigs, and pig troughs should be cleaned in time to prevent mildew. Do not drink cold water for pigs. You can feed some vegetables, sweet potato vines and other crude fibers to promote gastrointestinal activity, so that pigs can exercise more and avoid gastrointestinal gas and constipation.
treatment plan:
1. You can buy a bottle of simethicone tablets at a human pharmacy. This is a medicine for pig flatulence. If it is caused by intestinal obstruction and food stagnation, pigs can be injected with compound VB.
2. Feeding pigs with cooking oil, cutting soap into strips and feeding pigs also works.
3. When the temperature changes rapidly, some metronidazole files can be added to the feed. Water-soluble amoxicillin can also play a preventive role.
4. Myoliqing: The combination of pure Chinese medicine fermentation technology and biological decomposition technology can absorb mycotoxins in the feed and ensure the nutrients in the feed, which is suitable for long-term addition.

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