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What pens are needed to design a pig farm?


Different stalls in the pig farm have different specifications. The pig raising equipment should be reasonably arranged according to the construction structure of the pig house in order to give full play to the best performance of the pig raising equipment!

1. The boar house and breeding house
The boar house mostly adopts a single row type with a sports apron. The height of the circle wall or fence is 1.2-1.5 meters, and the circle area is 7-9 m2. The sports field area can be 1.0-2.0 times of the circle area. Breeding boars are raised in single pens.
Two, empty arms, pregnancy rooms
It also adopts single row or double row type, open or semi-open type with sports ground, which can be raised in groups or fed alone. In group rearing, there are 4-6 empty sows per pen and 2-4 sows per pen for pregnant sows. The sows are raised in single feeding groups (limited feeding). Because the group-raised single-feeding pen adopts the stalls for positioning feeding, the focus is on the uniformity of feeding among individuals, and the sows have sufficient movement. However, under intensive conditions, gestating sows are mostly raised in high-density, position-oriented breeding, and the pig house adopts double-row or multi-row, open or semi-open. The cage fence mostly adopts metal single limit fence.
3. Delivery house
The farrowing house is usually a double row type. In order to meet the requirements of 16-18℃ for sows and 29℃-32℃ for suckling piglets, the outer structure adopts a closed type, and the cage fence adopts a high-bed farrowing pen. The middle part of the bed is the sow limit area (the width is generally 0.60-0.65 meters), and the piglet activity area is on both sides. In the high-bed metal pen, there are sow troughs, sow and piglet automatic drinking fountains, heat preservation and protection boxes, and piglet free feeding troughs.
4. Nursery
Piglets transferred to nursery houses after weaning should be able to provide them with a dry, warm and clean indoor environment: a litter, a circle or a mixed group method can be used, the ground or high bed breeding is modern and intensive, mostly using all metal pens, and its single pen : Length 2.0 meters, width 1.7 meters, height 0.6 meters, the bottom of the bed is 30 cm above the ground, and the fences are separated by 6 cm. The bottom of the bed is equipped with 1/2 cement solid floor and 1/2 slatted board. The solid floor is good for eating and sleeping, and the slatted floor is good for excretion of urine.
5. Growing and finishing houses
The ground group rearing method is mostly adopted, with 8-12 pigs per pen. The area and feeding width of the pen are determined by the number of growing and finishing pigs.

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