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Pigs don’t eat, nor can they get injections. What should I do?


When breeding friends are feeding pigs, they often encounter such a situation: sows or fattening pigs suddenly stop eating or lose their appetite. When the farmers see this, they immediately give injections, but the effect is very bad.
What should I do if the pig does not eat?
First of all, we have to consider what are the reasons that cause pigs to lose appetite:
1. Overeating: There is too much food in the pig's stomach that has not been digested, and the stomach is uncomfortable. How can I think about eating again?
2. Intestinal obstruction: For example, constipation, intestinal obstruction, etc.; intestinal obstruction, it will affect gastrointestinal peristalsis, and appetite will not be produced.
3. Diseases of the digestive tract: For example, there are lesions in the mouth, esophagus, and stomach. These parts will be uncomfortable when contacting food, and the body will have a kind of resistance. The best way is to not eat.
4. Lack of stimulation: Just like boiled cabbage with water for people, there is no taste that appeals to people to eat, and it will be unwilling to eat; therefore, to make pigs have a strong appetite, they need to be stimulated, such as sour, sweet, salty, and spicy , Bitter, fiber, etc.
5. Drug stress: For example, using atropine sulfate for pigs will slow down gastrointestinal motility and lose appetite.
6. The influence of the biological clock: In fact, it is the internal rhythm of the pig's own life activities, which is determined by the time structure of the organism. For example, after a pig is fed in the afternoon, it will be digested quickly and the stomach has been emptied. Until the next feeding, it will not be fed or screamed; but after feeding in the morning and not feeding in the afternoon, the pig will be loud Call, this time is far less than the time after feeding in the afternoon.
To solve loss of appetite, you can start from the following perspectives:
1. Eliminate gastrointestinal diseases-this is the way to root out
we all know. Treating diseases and eradicating roots is the key. If there is a disease in the oral cavity, cure the oral cavity, and if there is a disease in the stomach, cure the stomach. If it is constipation, the intestinal tract must be cleared first, and the stool will naturally be eaten.
It is common for many breeding technicians in production to give pigs a vitamin B1 injection as soon as they hear that the pigs are not eating. This is unreasonable; if there is inflammation in the digestive tract, vitamin B1 injection can only increase the pain of the lesion. How can appetite be produced?
2. Regulation of intestinal flora
In either case, the intestinal flora of pigs occupies the most important position in the entire digestion and absorption of pigs. Therefore, adjusting the intestinal flora of pigs is quite critical.
3. Stimulate the digestive tract
Add appetite-promoting ingredients in the feed, such as sour, sweet, salty, bitter, spicy, etc. The pigs will eat a single feed daily, which will cause anorexia and non-eating conditions. Reasonably mix the nutrients in the feed. Contribute to the growth and health of pigs.
4. Medication
If the pig does not eat, it is judged that it is a gastrointestinal digestion problem, which is to use digestive aids and gastric motility drugs.
Drugs that help digestion include pepsin, pancreatin, lactase, etc.; drugs that promote gastrointestinal motility include domperidone and vitamin B1.
Piglet diarrhea often occurs in daily pig farms, and farmers will use drugs such as atropine for treatment. The dosage must be controlled properly, otherwise the diarrhea of ​​the pig will be cured, and the pig constipation may appear.

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