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Why do piglets lose weight after weaning?


Piglets will be weaned when they are raised to a certain age. If they are not weaned in time, it will lead to severe growth of the piglets. However, the piglets often appear weight loss after weaning, and may even become stiff pigs. What caused it? The following reasons are common:

1. Environmental factors

After weaning, piglets and sows are raised separately. At this time, its living environment has undergone major changes, from sow feeding to independent living. These changes often cause a series of stress responses. The phenomenon of irritability and loss of appetite occurs, so it is very important to make the transition of the piglet's environment before weaning, in order to prevent the uneasy mood of the piglet after weaning. The sows can be moved away and the piglets can be reared in the original pen, so that the living environment of the piglets will not be changed, or the piglets of similar physique can be formed into a new group, and this kind of bullying will not occur.

2. Feeding factors

Piglet weaning is a gradual process from liquid milk to solid feed. During this process, the piglet’s gastrointestinal system needs to be adequately and practically perfected to be suitable for solid feed. However, due to improper operation or low feed digestibility in the actual feeding process, the dry matter ratio in the feed is high, and the piglet’s stomach cannot adapt, which will cause loss of appetite. Therefore, the method of liquid feed should be adopted at the early stage of weaning of piglets, which can not only improve the dry matter nutrition for the piglets, but also make the piglets adapt to the stomach.

3. Disease factors

Piglets are weak in physique, so they have weak resistance to the outside world. Some piglets are prone to diarrhea during weaning. These are caused by diseases. The probability of diarrhea after weaning is extremely high in some piglets, which can be as high as 80%, and the mortality rate can reach 20%. Diarrhea is often the main cause of slower growth and development of piglets, and it is very likely to cause stiff pigs.

4. Other reasons

After the piglet is weaned, its small intestine villi will shrink to a certain extent. The degree of atrophy and the feed intake during the transition period have a large root system, which often causes indigestion, intestinal damage, and infection of E. coli and Salmonella. In addition, after the piglet is weaned, its immune function will decline due to the decline of the source antibody. At this time, it will cause bacterial infection, serositis, respiratory diseases, and lead to the appearance of stiff pigs.

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