Automatic feeder for sow

  • Entrance channels: 2060 x680x1120mm
  • Exit channels: 1240 x680x1120mm
  • Manger: 674 x576x1781mm
  • Double bin: 55 x2 = 110 L
  • Single bin: 105 L

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  • automatic feeder for sow
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■ Specifications

The sow intelligent feeding system:
Overall dimensions (length X width X height) :
Entrance channels: 2060 x680x1120mm;
Exit channels: 1240 x680x1120mm;
Manger: 674 x576x1781mm;

Bin volume:
Double bin: 55 x2 = 110 L;
Single bin: 105 L;
Screw conveying 100 grams/bowl (according to the material density);
Single or multiple machine control, centralized data acquisition processing;
It can automatically adjust the feeding amount according to different pig signs and pregnancy dates.Adopt touch screen man-machine dialogue,convenient users to manage every pig,Farmers can have a clear information about every sows.

1.Precise feeding according to each pig conditions, to avoid feed waste;
2.Give pig free and independent feed space and comfortable rest environment;
3.Make data analysis for each pig feed situation,to understand the physical characteristics of the growth of pigs.
4.Reduce human input, cost savings;
5.Increase porcine reproductive rate, reduce the elimination rate of pigs. Directly improve farm efficiency.


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