ZB-01 Piglet Crate

  • Size: 1.8*2.4m/1.8*2.2m, accept customized
  • Material of piglets location: Plastic
  • Material of fence: PVC, galvanized steel pipe
  • Material of underbeds: Nodular cast iron
  • Technology: Hot hot galvanized processing
  • Color: Silver white

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  • Contact: Rita Li
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  • Email: danong@great-farm.com
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■ Specifications
1. 1.8*2.4m,can customize;
2. PVC fence board;
3. Easy to install and feed.

1. Nodular cast iron underframe;
2. Comfortable piastic floor;
3. Good ventilation.

►Product information:
After 28 days, the suckling piglets in the farrowing crate will wean then be shifted to the piglet crate. Growing environment in the piglet crate is critical for piglets. Our piglet crates have many advantages as follow:
1. Humanized design. Both sides are fence board mading of PVC, the two other sides are galvanized steel pipe fence, which guarantee the ventilation.
2. The plastic flooring is made of original raw material( engineering PP ), and it has strong weight-bearing property.
3. Easy to install, clean and disinfect, a good environment for piglet nursing.
4. We have piglet crate 2.2*1.8m , 2.4*1.8m, and we can also make as your special requirements.
■ Technical Data
Size 1.8*2.4m/1.8*2.2m, accept customized
Material of piglets location Plastic
Material of fence PVC, galvanized steel pipe
Material of underbeds Nodular cast iron
Technology Hot hot galvanized processing
Color Silver white
Install Easy
Clean Convenient
Quality Super
danong@great-farm.com+86 371 5517 0327
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