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  • Piglet Pen type cutter
  • Piglet Pen type cutter
  • Piglet Pen type cutter
  • Piglet Pen type cutter
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■ Specifications
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■ Technical Data
 Piglet Pen type cutter Pig trowel tool Castration knife


Product name:


1 pcs Piglet Pen type cutter Stainless steel pig cutting knife Castration knife Hog Knife castrate pig tool Veterinary Tool


Product parameters:


Product material: 304 stainless steel


Product specifications: large, small


Product Size: Small 14 * 1cm Large 15 * 1.2cm


Applicable object: pig


Applicable animal species: livestock


Product use: mainly used for castration pigs


Product advantages: Pen-type castration tool, easy to carry, can change blades, carbon steel blades, sharp blades, can castrate boars and sows, suitable for veterinary and farm technicians


Why castrate pigs?


After being castrated, the animals lose their reproductive function, and their tempers become docile, easy to manage, enable them to fatten and improve the quality of meat. They can also prevent free breeding of inferior animals, which has a positive effect on improving livestock breeds. Improved economic benefits. The castrated pigs are docile and temperate. Although the teeth are sharp, they are not harmful. The castrated pigs are full of buttocks.


Product Features:


1.Stainless steel pen type cutter


304 stainless steel, non-toxic and not easy to rust, small and light, easy to carry, durable.


2. The sword is sharp and the blade can be retracted freely


The sharp sword and less bleeding can reduce the pain of piglets. The blade can be retracted and retracted more conveniently.


3.Replaceable blade


Small scalpel blades are equipped with No. 11 blades, which can be replaced with 10/11/12/15 blades; large scalpel blades are equipped with No. 23 blades, which can be replaced with 20/21/22/23/24 blades. It is recommended to buy a spare blade for longer durability.


4.Barb design


With barb design, boars and sows can all be castrated.


5. Use written test design


The shape of the pen is beautiful and easy to carry, suitable for veterinary and farm technicians.


6.Two specifications are available


There are two different sizes to choose from, which is more convenient to use.


Operation method:


-1. Baoding method. The free-hand Baoding method is commonly used. This method is suitable for castration of 25 to 50 kilograms of sows. At regular intervals, grasp the front and back limbs of the pig to wrinkle the belly, and grab the left ear of the pig with the right hand, so that the pig lies on the right side. The technician stands On the back of the pig, the pig's head faces the right side of the technician, and the tail points to the left. The technician steps on the root of the pig's tail with his left toe and the neck with his right foot. The assistant straightened the pig's hind legs back with the spine by hand.


-2. Select the surgical site, usually the surgical site is selected 3 to 4 centimeters directly below the sore hip nodule, which can be moved up or down according to the size of the sow. The surgical site should be cut first and then disinfected with 5% iodine tincture. The technician's hands and surgical instruments should be disinfected with rubbing iodine tincture.


-3. Fix the operation position, cut the abdominal wall, and use the left thumb to press the edge of the operation mouth to make the skin taut. Hold the scalpel in your right hand to cut open the skin of the crescent mouth which is similar in size to the index finger, and pierce the abdominal muscles with the tip of the knife. Layer, use the left index finger to pierce the peritoneum quickly and forcefully when the pig is howling. If the finger is not easy to pierce, use a surgical knife handle to pierce a small hole first, and then use the index finger to enlarge the hole.


-4. Remove the ovary and suture the wound. After entering the abdominal cavity with the left index finger, touch the left ovary along the abdominal wall along the side of the spine. After touching the ovary, press it against the abdominal wall with your finger. Hold the scalpel with the right hand down to the ovary. Hold it, with the left index finger hooked up along the abdominal wall to the outside of the incision, remove the right ovary in the same way. After removing the ovary, the uterine horn is restored to the abdominal cavity. At the same time, the left finger enters the abdominal cavity and closes to the abdominal wall for 2 weeks. The assistant releases the left hind limb to restore it. Carefully check whether the uterine horn and the intestinal tract are restored to the abdominal cavity, and then cover the membrane from the inside to the outside. , Muscle layer, skin suture layer by layer. In practice, if the incision is small and the operation is smooth, suture the skin.

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