8L Animal plastic sheep cattle feeding bucket

  • Material: Food Grade PP
  • Weight: 0.36 KG
  • Thickness: 4 mm
  • Capacity: 8 Liter

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■ Specifications
This kind of feeding bucket / calf feeder, which is different from calf feeding bottle, contains 8L food grade green bucket, metal handle and food grade soft nipple. This calf feeding bucket is designed with a rubber nipple sucking bionic cows feeding method, more in line with the calves physiological requirements, giving calves comfortable and natural mother-like feeling. During calves feeding, this product can keep calf milk drinking a moderate speed, intermittent supply milk to effectively prevent and avoid diarrhea, abnormal fermentation, indigestion, pneumonia and other unfavorable factors.

Features of sheep cattle feeding bucket:
1. Feeding nipple is replaceable, been approved by SGS certificate;
2. Food grade material made, feeding green, environmental protection, safety and health;
3. With customizable volume and color, means making new mould is acceptable;
4. Milk come out fast when drinking and stop immediately when not drinking;
5."One calf one calf feeder” system, could effectively control calves milk intake, while avoiding cross-infection;
6. Easy to clean and pour into the milk, the durable feeder can be hung in stalls or on posts;
7. Heavy-duty poly construction holds up well to all weather extremes;

As one of agriculture and dairy farm feeding equipment, this food grade calf feeder is another type milk feeding equipment for calves, it is suitable for 1 to 3 month calves feeding. During feeding the calves milk, this feeder could keep calf drink milk with a moderate speed.
■ Technical Data
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