Layer farms

  • House Type: A type chicken cage H type chicken cage
  • Feeding system: automatic trolly feeder
  • Temperature Control System: exhaust fan
  • Manure removal system: Manure removal system

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  • Layer farms
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■ Specifications
■ Specifications
 The Layer farms farm design inculding the following system:
 1. A type chicken cage   H type chicken cage
 2. Automatic trolly feeder
 3. Exhaust fan  
 4. Manure removal system 

Part 1:
A type chicken cages adopt galvanized and plastic spraying double technical skills. It has a strong resistance to corrosion and drug disinfect, never goes rusting. Its service life is 4-6 years longer than galvanized chicken cage. So it can reduce the cage repeat purchase and the waste of human and financial resources

Part 2:

Institutions of automatic feeding: Feeding machine is mainly made up of the frame, feeding box, feed sprocket, chain plate, electrical machine and so on Working principle: Motor driver sprocket feeding machine when it works, Sprocket driven chain plate rotating, Rotating chain plate will brought materials out from feeding box again

Part 3:

Poultry farm exhaust fans made up of frame,wind set,fan blade,motor,drive mechanism,bracing frame, shutter,protective net etc.The motor drives the fan blades,air flow exhaust the air in the house and puts fresh air into the house and then ventilates the air in the house .

Part 4:
The chicken manure clwan machine is mainly used for a variety of sheds and other farming manure cleaning such as the chicken, duck, goat, rabbit and so on. It greatly reduces the labor intensity and maintains good indoor air environment, then provide animals a good living space to reduce the incidence of the disease.


Part 5:

 The automatic egg collecting equipment including imported equipment ,pick up the egg plant, soft broken egg filtration system, egg and egg belt drive system, the egg front-end collection system, the power distribution and others. The composition of the large automatic egg collecting system, including more than one set of eggs as described in the automatic equipment and transportation equipment, referred to the egg delivery conveyor includes rods, sprocket, transmission chain, and then the egg tray; described in more automatic egg collecting equipment along the conveyor direction of movement of the transmission chain transmission device placed above one or both sides

■ Technical Data
■ Technical Data

A type Chicken cage
Size 1950*350*380mm
type Container No.
Three layer four door 96 birds
Three layer five door 120 birds

Features Of Atype Chicken cage

1. Hot Galvanizing surfance treatment,anti-corruption performance, long usage time
2. Easy operate,sturdy and durable
3. Good daylight and ventilation
4. large breeding, better economic benefit. 371 5517 0327
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