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Advantages of using intelligent lighting for laying hens


It is well known that light is an indispensable key factor in poultry production. Appropriate lighting conditions have a positive impact on the growth and development of poultry bodies, and can promote the normal development of the body's genetic potential. As the current economic profit of laying hens continues to decline, in view of the important role of the light environment in the growth process of laying hens, how to reduce the cost of light in production, ensure the healthy growth and development of chickens, and improve the survival rate has become a key technology. Huairou District Beijing Kanghong Poultry Industry Co., Ltd. has adopted a new type of intelligent lighting system for poultry houses, which is composed of intelligent control terminals, sensors and lighting terminals. The operator only needs to make simple settings to realize the lighting of the poultry house. automation.
The traditional lighting technology is constant incandescent lamp or LED lamp, and the light intensity and light time need to be adjusted manually with the chicken's age and production situation. This system, developed and designed by Beijing Animal Husbandry Environmental Monitoring Station, uses cold cathode energy-saving lamps as the light source, and is equipped with light sensors and intelligent control terminals, which realizes the lighting effect of simple management and energy saving.
Intelligent realization of scientific fill light
Intelligent lighting technology is based on the organic combination of cold cathode fluorescent lamps and intelligent control. By adding sensing systems, intelligent control systems, cold cathode fluorescent lamps and other equipment in the breeding process, and through automatic monitoring and intelligent control of the lighting environment in the poultry farms, the technology finally realizes the scientific supplementation in the poultry farms. Light.
Environmentally friendly, durable and energy-saving
The cold cathode energy-saving lamps used in the technology have rich colors, small size, light weight, simple structure, quick start at low temperature, small surface temperature rise, high brightness, high efficacy, and easy processing into various shapes (straight tube shape). , L-shaped, U-shaped, annular, etc.), long service life, good color rendering, uniform light emission and so on. When the same lumen is achieved, the power consumption is only about 10%-20% of the incandescent lamp; compared with the fluorescent lamp, the light efficiency is slightly lower, but the lifespan is four to five times that of the fluorescent lamp, and the mercury content in the lamp tube is extremely low or Completely mercury-free, avoiding the pollution problem of mercury vapor; compared with LED lamps, it has good color rendering performance, no glare, and low price.
One light bulb handles the whole production process
The duration and intensity of light during the brooding, rearing, and laying periods vary. In the past, the replacement of light bulbs was performed manually during the production process. This technology uses an intelligent regulator to adjust the frequency of the alternating current, thereby changing the change of light illumination, realizing a single light bulb to "get" the entire production process, and greatly reducing the human and material investment in the breeding process.
Installation requirements and advantages
(1) The main power load must be sufficient, and the voltage is 220v (±10%);
(2) There are leakage protectors, fuses and other devices;
(3) Master the use of the lighting system.
Features and Benefits:
(1) Good applicability. It can be adjusted at any time according to the requirements of the breeding species on the light intensity, so that the light intensity can meet the breeding requirements of each species, and completely cover the poultry breeding species in this city.
(2) Save energy input. The data shows that the cold cathode fluorescent lamp applied in this system realizes scientific light supplementation and intelligent adjustment, and its energy saving effect is more significant, and the electric energy input is about 50% of that of traditional lighting.
(3) The light color of the light source is close to natural light, which can effectively improve the production capacity. The application of this system can increase the laying rate of laying hens and the weight gain rate of broilers by 1%, which can bring considerable economic benefits.

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