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Harmless treatment of dead chicken


 In the chicken growth process, due to various reasons will cause the death of chickens. These dead chickens without treatment or improper treatment, the body can quickly break down corruption, smelliness. Special attention should be paid to is an infectious disease, dead chickens, the pathogenic microorganisms will pollute the atmosphere, water and soil, causing the spread of disease.

1. High temperature treatment

The treatment of dead chicken carcasses was carried out in an incinerator. This method can completely kill dead chicken and the pathogens it carries, which is a thorough treatment method.

2. Soil burying method

The death of chicken dug deep buried by soil self purification. The dead chickens harmless shall comply with the requirements for health and epidemic prevention, the corpse pit should be far away from the farms, livestock and poultry, settlements and water, terrain and dry, buried depth of not less than 2 meters. The landfill, in each input should be covered with a layer of chicken carcasses the thickness of about 10 cm of lime.


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