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The physiological characteristics and requirements of chicks in Nigeria


 1. Chicks body temperature regulation ability is weak

The chicks nap is short, thin, subcutaneous fat less, and poor heat preservation ability, and the body temperature regulation function is gradually improved after 2 weeks old. Therefore, maintaining proper brood temperature is critical to the health and normal development of chicks.

2.Rapid growth and vigorous metabolism

The weight of the chicks is about 2 times of the birth weight at one week, and is about 15 times of the birth weight at the age of 6 weeks. The early growth of the chicks is very fast, and their nutrition should be fully satisfied. Because of the rapid growth, the metabolism of chicks is very strong, the oxygen consumption per unit weight is 3 times as much as that of chicken, and the management must meet the need for fresh air.

3.Poor digestion

Their digestive organ is still in a developmental stage, each feeding amount is limited, while the secretion of digestive enzymes capacity is not very perfect, poor digestion. Therefore, the preparation of chicken feed, we must choose good quality, easy to digest raw materials, preparation of highly nutritious feed.

4.Poor disease resistance

The resistance of chicks to various diseases in the feeding and management is weak, slightly that neglect may be sick. Within 30 days of age, the immune function of chicks has not yet developed well, although after repeated immunization, the level of antibody produced by itself is still difficult to resist strong drug infestations, so it is necessary to create a suitable environment for chicks as much as possible.

5.Strong sensitivity

Because of the rapid growth, chicks are sensitive to the deficiency of some nutrients and are prone to lack of certain nutrients. They are also very sensitive to some toxic and harmful substances such as drugs and fungi. Therefore, in the selection of feed ingredients and medication, you need to be careful.

6.Gregarious and timid

Chicken timid, lack of self-defense, like gregarious and relatively nervous, a little outside of the abnormal stimulation, it may cause confusion, affecting normal growth and disease resistance. So the brood need a quiet environment, prevent all kinds of abnormal noise and novelty color, prevent the invasion of rats, birds, vermin, and management should pay attention to the suitability of chicken rearing density.

7.Dehydration at initial stage

The fresh chicken has a moisture content of more than 76%. If you stay in a dry environment for too long, it is easy to lose a lot of water in the process of breathing and cause dehydration. Early brood drying environment will also make the chicken because of excessive breathing water loss and increase the amount of water, affecting digestive function. Therefore, after the period of storage, transportation and early brood, attention to humidity can improve the survival rate of the brood.

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