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How to build a chicken coop


How to build a chicken coop? Is an open house better or a closed house better? Many people are undecided, and more people build chicken coops by imitating other people's chicken coop construction structure. In fact, farmers should make reasonable choices according to the scale of breeding and the actual situation. Let me introduce the methods and skills of chicken coop construction to you.
The difference between open house and closed house
The most common form of open house is one with walls on all sides, with large windows on the south wall and small windows on the north wall. All or most of these chicken houses rely on natural ventilation and natural light, and the temperature and humidity in the house basically change with the seasons. Such chicken houses often need to be equipped with ventilation and lighting equipment to supplement the lack of ventilation and lighting under natural conditions.
The closed chicken coop is also called the windowless chicken coop. The roof of this chicken house is well insulated from the four walls, and there are no windows on all sides, and the environment in the house is adjusted by manual or instrument control. Artificial ventilation and lighting are used in the chicken house, and the temperature, humidity and air composition in the house are controlled by changing the size of the ventilation volume.
How to build a chicken coop
The construction of the chicken coop should be adapted to local conditions, either permanent or simple. Generally, it is more economical and practical to build a simple chicken coop with a plastic film greenhouse. According to the direction of the mountain, it is advisable to sit in the north and face the south, which is conducive to lighting and heat preservation. The area of ​​​​the chicken house can be determined according to the number of chickens, and it is more appropriate to raise 8 to 10 chickens per m2. The single-inclined chicken house is simple and easy to build, the width of the chicken house is 5m, and the length depends on the area of ​​the chicken house. The front height is 2m, the back height is 1.2~1.4m, and the top is covered with purlins, bamboo poles, etc., then flattened with straw, smeared with yellow mud mixed with sawdust, and the outermost layer is covered with linoleum paper or plastic film. The surrounding walls can be nailed with wooden boards or held by branches, the outside is plastered with mud to keep warm, and the outermost layer is buckled with plastic cloth to prevent wind and rain. There are ventilation openings on both sides, and perches are set in the chicken house. When the density is high, a ladder frame can be set up. At the same time, a fence should be erected to control the flock. When erecting the fence, the chicken coop should be used as the axis, and the auxiliary shooting should be fan-shaped towards the top of the mountain. Nylon nets should be erected on each side of 60 to 90m. The hills may not be installed with nets, so that chickens can forage within the scope of the fence.
Finally, you may also choose to communicate with our professional technicians on how to build a modern chicken house.

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