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What is the reason for the small egg laying?


In laying hen farms, we sometimes find that some laying hens produce very small eggs, which not only affects production, but also is at a disadvantage when selling, which reduces certain economic benefits. So, what is the reason for the small egg laying? How to solve it? Let's take a look together:

1. Causes of small egg weight
⑴ The energy and protein in the feed are too low. Long-term use of this kind of feed will cause insufficient energy and protein supply, resulting in low egg weight.
⑵ Insufficient feed intake. The standards listed in the feed manual are often theoretical values, and need to be increased by 5-8% in actual operation, considering the loss, to meet the required feed intake during the feeding period. When a chicken farmer asked about this issue, he sampled and measured the egg weight of a 196-day-old white-shell layer. The average egg weight of 194 eggs was 49.2 grams. The feed consumption of the investigated chickens was 27 weeks old. It was only 80.7 grams, and then reached 92.8 grams, and the egg production rate of chickens was close to 90%. Obviously, this is a "small egg" caused by long-term insufficient feed intake.
⑶ Too small. After testing, the two groups of chickens weighing less than 80% of the standard body weight each have 1,000 chickens. There is no peak egg production in the two groups, and the egg weight is also small. The average weight of 32 weeks of age is only 55.8 grams and 57.0 grams, which are more than standard eggs 7% and 5% lower. It shows that underweight is directly related to the production of small eggs.
⑷ The increase in light is too early and too fast, and the stimulating maturity is earlier than the standard, which causes the chickens to start production too early and the egg weight is light.
2. Causes of deformed eggs
The deformed egg has no yolk, which is mainly caused by inflammation of the fallopian tubes. After practice by practitioners, taking ampicillin and Ante is effective for salpingitis. After the fallopian tube inflammation is healed, the deformed eggs will no longer be produced. Dosage (usually 120 days of age) 2 times a day for 5 days.

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