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How to reduce the egg breakage rate?


Doing a good job in all aspects of daily feeding and management is the basis for good eggshell quality. If the damage rate of eggs is increased, protective measures should be strengthened.

(1) Prevent flocks: work in the layer house, especially in the morning when the flocks are more concentrated, to prevent frights.
(2) Avoid or minimize the number of vaccination during the laying period.
(3) Check the rations and the feed intake of the chickens: when the temperature is normal, the chickens are disease-free, and the egg collection system is operating normally, if the breakage rate of eggs is found to increase, the calcium, phosphorus and vitamins in the diet should be checked The level of D is to determine the feed intake of the chicken, and the juice is calculated as the actual intake to see if it meets the requirements for egg production.
(4) Increasing dietary concentration: When the feed intake of chickens with high temperature decreases significantly, the concentration of protein, vitamins and minerals in the ration can be appropriately increased to compensate for the nutritional deficiency caused by the decrease in feed intake. Cooling and dehumidifying measures.
(5) Change the bedding in the egg-laying box frequently: Change the bedding every 5~7d to keep clean, dry and soft bedding in the egg-laying box.
(6) The frequency and time of picking up eggs are determined according to the before and after the laying period and the number of eggs laid: pick up 1 time/d at the beginning of laying, 3 times/d at the peak of laying, and 2 times/d at other times.
(7) Regularly check the egg collection system: observe whether the eggs are gently, smooth, and unobstructed during the conveying process. Pay special attention to the joints, and do not make the accumulated eggs or the slope too large, or the eggs roll too fast.
(8) Reduce the collision force between the egg and the bottom net: You can add a layer of plastic net pad to the bottom net or put a plastic tube on the bottom net to help reduce the damage of the egg.
(9) When the chicken flock has less eggs and more damage, the mechanical egg collection can be changed to manual egg collection.
(10) Take the breakage rate of eggs as one of the indicators of the breeder's work quality to enhance the breeder's sense of responsibility.

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