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How cool with pigs better in summer?


How cool with pigs better in summer, in fact, reduce the temperature outside is cool environment pig, but the pig body temperature cooling is reduced; compared to both the effect that the cooling effect of the truth is better than the outer cooling. The reason is simple surely we all know is because the cooling allows the body to release excess heat out.

For pigs, the cooling approach is twofold:

First, through feed or drinking water, cooling water feed and manure into a high temperature, it will take a lot of heat; pigs drink plenty of water in addition to reducing the water temperature, but also pay attention to summer feed salt concentration to increase.

The second is by inhaling dry air into moist air, water evaporates through the body away body heat, and this is our most easily overlooked, is also very important place. It should be noted here that the suction of water vapor concentration in the exhaled gas is poor, and if inhaled concentration of water vapor in the gas exhaled same, there is no cooling effect; while if the concentration difference between the two is large, the cooling effect will be very good; ensure that pigs inhaling dry air is an important condition for the cooling, so we often encounter high temperatures but the humidity hours to sow not dead heat; while the temperature is not very high, but the humidity is large sows dead heat; main reason is that the cooling does not work's sake. I hope this article u guys help. 


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