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Plastic drain dung floor



Fecal leakage board level to support superior to other rafts and soft net farming. First, fecal leakage flat plate so keep breeding flocks from the ground, to avoid contact with the ground excreta, which reduces E. coli disease, such as the incidence of coccidiosis. Secondly, easy to clean manure sheds, can effectively reduce the labor intensity and reduce labor time. Relative to the raft of perishable, prone to bacteria, is not stable enough soft nets, plastic floor drain is a modern chicken manure must yield.

Uses and Benefits:

Apply to chickens, ducks, geese, pigeons, rabbits, lamb farming, using ground plug convenient, rugged and reliable, ideal load (single load of 1 ton), fecal leakage plate flatness can be used to adjust the bracket nut.

Floor drain manure rate, easy red rinse; non-toxic, tasteless; chemical stability, corrosion resistance, non-absorbent and easy to clean and disinfect, ease of installation, product installation using the support beam connection, simple construction. Disinfection easy disassembly. Leakage dung floor during use, no glitches, not bending deformation, elastic moderate, can significantly improve the breeder as well as commodity chicken feeding and management conditions. 


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