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Feeding pigs with soil can also make the pigs grow better and get less sick


There is a word on the Internet called "eating soil", which is used to describe a person who is very poor and can only eat soil. However, "eating soil" is not a joke. There are still many benefits to letting pigs eat a little soil in the process of raising pigs.

But this soil cannot be eaten casually. Here are a few kinds of soil that can be used to feed pigs. Not only can the pigs grow faster, but it can also effectively prevent diseases. Friends who raise pigs should not miss it.
1. White clay
White clay is also called bentonite, which contains a large amount of silicon and aluminum compounds and more than 20 kinds of mineral elements necessary for pig growth, such as phosphorus, copper, iron, and calcium.
Adding 2% to 4% white clay in the diet of pigs can improve palatability, delay the speed of feed passing through the digestive tract, improve nutrient digestibility, and allow pigs to use nutrients more effectively.
White clay can absorb harmful substances in pigs, inhibit the growth of bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract, improve disease resistance, prevent the imbalance of calcium and phosphorus ratio, participate in the body's immune response, and enhance immunity.
2. Yellow clay
In mountainous and hilly areas, digging more than 1 meter underground will result in deep yellow clay, which contains a large amount of iron and copper compounds and more than 20 mineral elements.
Adding 2% to 4% yellow clay in the pig diet can increase the appetite of the pig, increase the daily weight gain of the pig, and have obvious disease prevention effects.
3. Cinder soil
Cinder soil not only contains phosphorus, copper, iron, potassium, manganese, zinc, magnesium and other mineral elements required by pigs, but also contains a new type of pig growth regulator humic acid.
Adding 3% to 5% cinder soil to the diet of pigs can promote the metabolism of pigs, accelerate the accumulation of organic matter in their bodies, and make pigs grow faster.
Cinder soil can also regulate the salt and alkali in pigs and reduce the incidence of diarrhea, constipation, asthma and other diseases.
4. Medical stone
Maifan stone is formed by weathering granite and is a kind of natural health medicine stone with biological activity.
1% to 3% medical stone is added to pig diets. The trace elements nickel, titanium, selenium, etc. contained in it can activate enzymes in pigs, increase enzyme activity, promote pig metabolism, increase feed utilization, and make pigs Grow fast.
In addition, medical stone also has good adsorption and ion exchange, can adsorb bacteria and play a role in disease prevention.

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