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What to do if a sow has more litters and fewer nipples?


Raising sows often encounters the situation that the number of litters of the sow exceeds the number of sows’ teats. If effective measures are not taken, the survival rate and growth rate of the piglets will be affected. Today, I will share with you some small methods. , The following measures can be taken:

1. The separation of strong and weak divides the whole litter of piglets into two, the strong one is a litter, and the weak one is a litter, so as to avoid food contention. Use a hoard of more than 1 meter high to spread thin straw into the hoop. The thickness is appropriate to catch piglets when changing nests. Cover it with felt or old clothes to keep it warm. It can be covered in summer.
2. Rotate one litter on time and put it in the basket, and leave the other litter for sows to suckle. Rotate every 1 to 2 hours, so that after a week, it will be rotated again every 3 hours. After 30 days, it will be rotated every 4 hours.
3. Attract the piglets as early as 7 days after birth, use the teaching trough feed to attract the piglets. Put the feed in the palm and hand it to the mouth of the piglet to lick it. After 2 to 3 days, the piglet can eat freely in the trough. The feed should be fed dry, do not add water to adjust the paste feeding, so as not to affect the effect. After feeding, prepare enough clean drinking water and let it drink. Warm water should be used in winter. The trough is separated by nails according to the number of piglets with wooden sticks to avoid competition for food or sleeping troughs for the strong.
4. Prevention and treatment of white scour: Feeding sows with 1 to 2 spoons of livestock oxytetracycline every day within 30 days after the piglets are born can effectively prevent and control the white scour of the piglets. If white scour of piglets is found, immediately use 2 sulfaazole tablets (with the word SMT printed on the tablets), grind 2 tablespoons of water, and administer them. Generally, take 1 to 2 times to cure. When filling, pick up the pig, clamp it with your knees, take a thick wooden stick with your thumb to hold it, and pour it sequentially with a small spoon.
5. Early-weaned sows have a gradual decrease in milk secretion 40 days after delivery. If the weights of the two litters are very different, the strong and heavy litter can be weaned in the basket and fed outside the basket for defecation. Leave a weak litter for the sow to continue breastfeeding for 15 days to achieve the same weight of two litters. Do not let them get together in the litter to the full 2 ​​months, so as not to bite the frame.
6. The vaccination piglets should be injected with triple vaccine and piglet paratyphoid vaccine once within 40 days. If piglets are found to have symptoms such as love to drill in the grass nest, high temperature, vomiting, loose stools, increased drinking water, slow movement, etc., they can be considered as piglet paratyphoid. The disease spreads quickly and the mortality rate is high. The sick pigs should be isolated immediately and given 5 ml of veterinary chloramphenicol and enrofloxacin each in a paired injection.
When most friends encounter this situation, they will naturally divide them into two boxes, 9 in each box, and take turns nursing. Since piglets like to earn the front when they earn milk, only 9 of the 14 teats are used. When grabbing the first box and releasing the second box, the piglets in the second box found that the nipples that had been milked by the piglets in front had a milky smell, so they went on to compete for the 9 nipples in front. Over time, the 5 nipples at the back shrank. It was originally because the nipples were not enough to separate the boxes, but in the end, 5 nipples were wasted, funny.
In this case, my approach is to always keep 14 sows by her side and lock up the excess. After staying for a period of time, we will grab 4 of the 14 from the sow's side, and release the 4 previously locked up, and so on. Leave it alone from 12 o'clock in the evening to dawn and sleep at home. We raise pigs to make money, and to make money is to feed our lives. It is not guilty of killing our lives to make money. How about not sleeping.
Don't think that it will affect the growth of piglets if you ignore it from 12 o'clock at night to dawn. If you think about it, according to my practice, 24 hours a day, those little pigs were not with the sow for a few hours. The next day the piglet was hungry and tried hard to squeeze the milk, which stimulated the sow's mammary glands strongly, and the sow's milk production would increase accordingly, and other piglets would also be exposed. Practice has proved that this method is used. Regardless of the weight of a litter of 18 heads, it is about the same weight as a normal free-feeding litter of 12 heads. Of course the sows are willing to feed.

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