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How to manage the nursery piglets?


Nursery piglets refer to piglets from weaning to 60-75 days old, which is another important stage after the lactation period. The health and weight gain of piglets during the nursery period has an important impact on the later growth. So, how to manage the nursery piglets? How to do its feeding and management? It is recommended to do these 10 things:

1. Preparation of the nursery before weaning
One week before entering the pigs, the nursery pigs should be cleaned up at the bottom and rinsed with a high-pressure water gun. After drying, they should be fumigated with formaldehyde and potassium permanganate. After the pigs are empty for 3 days, they should be disinfected with a disinfectant. This will help eliminate the source of infection, cut off the route of transmission, and prevent cross-infection of pathogens. Check and install drinking fountains and troughs one day before entering the pigs.
2. Transition in the delivery room after weaning
Piglets are generally weaned at 21-28 days of age. Before weaning, they must be immunized with vaccines such as swine fever, ring, pseudorabies and asthma. When weaning, the sows get out of the farrowing bed and leave the farrowing room. The piglets stay in the farrowing bed for 3-5 days before being transferred to the nursery. This helps prevent weaning stress and other stresses from superimposing and reduce the occurrence of various diseases. .
3. Do a good job of grouping and training
When piglets enter the nursery, they should be divided into large and small groups, and the age of the piglets should not be too different. It is better to transfer to the original litter if conditions permit. It is appropriate to use 20-25 heads per pen, and the stocking density should not be too high. It is necessary to ensure that each piglet has a space of 0.3-0.4 square meters. The "three-point positioning" training for piglets is mainly to train piglets to defecate, eat and sleep at fixed points, which is conducive to keeping the enclosure dry and clean.
4. Pay attention to the temperature and humidity of the pig house
A suitable environment temperature in the nursery house is an important guarantee for the healthy growth of the piglets. After the piglets are transferred to the nursery house, the temperature in the nursery house should be controlled at 27~28℃. After 3 days, it will be adjusted to about 26℃. Later, control the most suitable temperature. It is about 25°C, do not exceed 2°C up and down. The nursery house should be kept dry (humidity should be between 50% and 75%). When the temperature of the nursery house meets the requirements, it is best to open the windows and doors for ventilation.
5. Ensure air quality
Ventilation is an effective measure to reduce harmful gases in the nursery. However, excessive ventilation will cause the temperature in the nursery to drop sharply. In production, heat preservation and ventilation should be adjusted according to the actual situation of the pig herd, taking both into account, ventilate more at high temperature, and then ventilate at low temperature.
6. Feed less and eat more
Newly transferred to the nursery piglets due to the imperfect digestive system development, the piglets are prone to nutritional diarrhea due to overeating. Therefore, after the piglets are transferred to the nursery, they must maintain the original trough feed for 5-7 days, and then slowly transition to the nursery feed. In the feeding, it is necessary to feed less frequently; in the middle and late stages of the nursery pigs, the free-feeding feeding method can be adopted, so that the piglets can eat enough nutrients and give full play to the advantages of fast growth.
7. Do a good job in pig immunization
The immunization of vaccines is one of the important tasks of the nursery. For example, in the injection of swine fever vaccine and foot-and-mouth disease vaccine, flying needles should not be used during the injection process to ensure the absorption of the vaccine; as far as possible, one pig should be injected with one needle to strictly prevent the mechanical transmission of the disease, and the epidemic prevention density must reach 100%.
8. Reduce all kinds of stress
After the piglets are transferred to the nursery house, do not put them in parallel without special circumstances, and keep the environment in the house warm, dry and ventilated. Minimize the immunization of vaccines during the nursery. For some vaccines that must be immunized, electrolytic multi-dimensional can be added to the drinking water during the immunization period to reduce stress.
9. Deworming in time
Internal and external parasites such as scabies and roundworms have a significant impact on the feed return of piglets and damage the immune system. Therefore, the nursery house must be dewormed. Generally, the weaned piglets are transferred to the nursery for about two weeks. Broad-spectrum, high-efficiency, low-toxic deworming drugs with obvious insect effects are used for collective deworming.
10. Do a good job in disease prevention and control
Because nursery pigs are free from the protection of maternal antibodies and their physiological functions are not fully developed, their disease resistance is poor. Therefore, post-weaning stress, mycoplasma infection-induced choking syndrome, and post-weaning multiple system failure syndrome lead to low immunity, which have become the main problems faced by nursery pigs. Pay attention to prevent and control them.

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